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I’m an Asian woman living in the States for some time due to the business I do with UK, US, and Asia. I love to feel every moment of my life with a sense of appreciation for the beauty of nature, my great gifts/talents – arts and music, and I’m grateful for the special ability to see many beautiful things which life offers in an intuitive and artistic way, and to sense, touch, smell, experience them all from life, and most of all to love.

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PS I created this wordpress account last year (07/30/11) for the first time for my self-development as well as for my personal spiritual growth, looking into my own life and write my thoughts and read them later so that I may remember to motivate/inspire myself when I find myself getting off the track, which I no longer find myself in that mode these days, ..perhaps having gone through enough life’s challenges (good ones) did help and that I am finding myself growing to be a little more solid mature person. Only God can judge that, as He is the only one who knows how challenging and yet unique and exciting my life has been, very different from many people. (I can write a movie about my life over the past two decades. True. It would be  a great hit when dramatized)


I am a Christian by choice, although I did grow up in a Christian home back home in my country, however, I believe there is a difference between the life you grew up in a Christian family setting AND and the life in which you make a decision on your own to follow Yeshua, Christ Jesus, as The Lord of your life, after having gone through some stages of your life. To my knowledge and understanding, they are quite different. Unlike before, I see myself growing and changing into His fullness day by day. So the primary reason for this blog is for my own personal use – my journey in life written in the form of diary/journal consisting of ‘thoughts for today/or week,’ inspirational quotes, as well as excerpts from other people’s blogs.


When I opened this account the first time last year, my ‘About Me’ page was a very brief one, but I ended up writing a lot longer one after I decided to start my blogging here about a month ago [I actually couldn’t find the URL of this site, as it’s been a while since I wrote just two (posts) over a year ago. :)], I obviously I have more to write about, as my faith in Christ began to grow even deeper than before. I actually didn’t intend to write such a lengthy page here (ABOUT page), but as my fingers continued to dance over the keyboard, I began to find it difficult to stop a half way through. As I mentioned, this blog site is intended as my personal journal consisting of my conversation with God, inspirational quotes, and sometimes I am sort of talking to people like you who ended up finding yourself at the unknown hiding place, far distant from the rest of the world.


“Welcome to my page!,” by the way. As you don’t know me or never met me, some of the things I write here may not interest you.. but hey, some of the things I write may be what you needed to hear on this particular day. Or, you might get bored reading it and end up getting the hell out of here very quickly. That’s Okay, too. In either case, thanks for stopping by today. May God bless you richly as you go on living your life. Have a nice day, friend. PS You might enjoy some inspiration quotes though that I add from time to time. Thanks.


PS 2. Oh, one more thing. You may be aware by now..English is not my native language that I grew up with, so, please bare with me, with understanding (thanks), sort of imagining yourself like being in Paris, trying so hard to speak or write in French. (You poor thing..reading the blog written in the language absolutely broken) Thus my apology to you in advance. You may not even want to finish reading the entire page. Dah! That’s okay. You’re forgiven and I won’t be offended, as this blog is primarily intended for me. ^_^) Thanks again. May God bless. Cheers!

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I sometimes find myself very different and independent or individualistic, having my own world inside of me, especially when I run into people who tend to stay inside their comfort zone, always sticking to their peers, doing the same thing, thinking the same, and speaking the same, as if it were the way to be accepted as friends or even in business strategies. Personally, being yourself, respecting and loving yourself is the only way in a true sense to actually be able to go out there to have a genuine compassion, love, and caring for the world. I believe you must know yourself very thoroughly to accept your own self before genuinely being able to extend yourself to others to care and to have a true compassion for those in need. It takes the real life experiences which includes many trials in life to know where you stand and understand and love yourself first before you can love anyone other than yourself. Especially in recent years, I have run into people who are very narrow-minded.. perhaps due to how they were brought up in their family.. or have never stepped out from their comfort zone in a true sense.. or perhaps because of that they may just have always been subconsciously competing with others or tend to get jealous of others as a habit.
My spontaneous personality seem to have been rooted within me as I was growing up in the family with my parents who were also different themselves being in the unique role of the country. So, here I am being the way I am today. So are my sisters and brothers being the different versions of me. They speak their minds with a touch of humor, love, and friendliness. God created us – everyone of us – to be unique from one anther, and that’s what makes our life interesting and unique. I am grateful to have many good friends whom I love. By now I know life is nothing and boring without good friends. Some people there in the world – some of them – not all – we all tend to stick to the flock of our kind – no matter how hard you try, I have learned by now that some people are determined to love you or hate you for no reasons, and you can’t change that. You can’t change people who tend to be close-minded, always close themselves to different opportunities or imageto getting out of their comfort zone..and because of a result, they seem to find themselves always curious and look at others’ lives whom they don’t even know personally instead of focusing on their own and get busy with their own life affairs and end up competing meaninglessly or get jealous of others for no reasons without realizing they are doing that and why. You would begin to wonder, too, why they do that, while on your part, out of your love and caring, although you’ve never met them or you never will, you go on your way and make some efforts with a positive mind set in stretching yourself a little further to meet more different new people to broaden your horizon, but you end up finding yourself not getting anywhere with them – no matter how hard you try to be their friends, some of them are determined to be giving you absolutely no chance and never open themselves up to if it were part of their life mission on earth by birth. :\ Other than that, I have always been and am fortunate to make good friends wherever I go, as one of God’s life gifts. In that, I am very grateful.
None of us are perfect but we can allow ourselves to move forward and change. Everyday is a new day. Whatever we tasted – good and bad – or whatever we did yesterday are all gone, and we can’t return back to yesterdays to taste it again or fix it. But we can move on forward and change. Some people are like playing a broken old record, hearing the cracked area playing the same part of the song over and over like a parrot who only knows a few words and repeating them over and over.. day in, day out, all day long everyday.. (Joke: :D some people tweet about the same things and the same people day in day out all day long everyday over a period of the entire year as if their entire span of life is 1,000 years, and thus to them one year is only one second, while the truth is that they wasted their remaining years of perhaps 30 years..? thus 1/30 years. True.) :D (I’m only kidding, here!) and dwelling on the past that would never come back, and living in the past, and not in the future where the greatest things are waiting for us. All of us, not even one person missing, we have lived our life in the way we wanted at one time or the other in the past and may have done something that we may not even wish doing it all over again, as we grow. This is where God our savior and loving Father comes in to fix or heal that and help us move on forward and become more and more mature in life as we go along and hopefully become better people than yesterday. I am pretty sure if you speak to most positive people today about your past problems, they would tell you, ‘yeah, I did that, too.. yeah, I know..funny, isn’t it looking back, but the thing is, we don’t have to stay there. We all change, including you and me.’ And eventually whatever you speak repeatedly about things that are not too positive would be ignored and misinterpreted, as everyone of us is created as such that we seek the light, not darkness, and if we find ourselves in the darkness, by instinct we want to get out. Life is a comedy sometimes as you begin to see life full of many events with the positive mind and with a sense of humor.
imageI have learned some people have a hidden sense of insecurity or unworthiness or low self-esteem about themselves without realizing it, and not loving and respecting themselves enough which in turn cause them to become close-minded, negative, and fearful, while they have no idea why they do what they do and how they do things. Or perhaps the childhood we have been brought up the way we did has lots to do with the way we are today, too, whether given with so much love and caring or with less love and with no attention or protection. Taking one example, for instance, as just one of the strangers or outsiders looking into one little segment of the cyber world where people are sitting in front of their pc day in, day out, all day long everyday (as you really don’t know any of them at all in real life), you see there is so much fear in them always imagining the worst situation out of their life even before things would actually happen, thus not allowing themselves to move on forward, only dwelling on the past, both looking at their own life as well as on what happened to others that may have already been forgotten a long ago. They don’t allow themselves to go out of their comfort zones for many fulfilling challenges to come and change, not realizing a cyber world is not really real but one little segment of the entire universe where vast unimaginable things are happening also at the same time while their screens of the pcs are being stared at. The core of their fear comes from their small-mindedness which has never experienced a true success in a tangible way.
If you are genuinely successful or want to become successful both in your life as well as in your business, your time is limited and thus can’t afford to stay in one place in life, being negative seeing the worst both in things as well as in others. You must move on forward, not dwelling on what was already gone, even things that happened yesterday. Some people who tend to dwell on what happened in the past in which there is nothing you can do about because it was all gone as life goes on, like a law of gravity (it is just as simple as that) are those who have never experienced a success in their life in such a way that they can put the finger on it and said.. THIS is what I did and happened in such tangible ways and changed me (both in business as well as in life). And because they actually never experienced a genuine success in the past they are not able to see that things can turn around and begin to work for them in such an extraordinary way, if they simply change their thinking pattern and allow themselves to see things positively – both about themselves as well as about others.
We have eyes and yet some of us don’t see because we only see what our mind is prepared to comprehend. The same is true with those whom I have encountered in the recent time. They have eyes and yet their eyes don’t see. Or perhaps they had never experienced the incredible encounters that were incredible enough to have changed them, imageincluding the enounter with the living God who speaks that you just cannot afford to stay in the same stagnated place any longer, as you see your future in such a vivid way. Life changes and things move on. We all make mistakes and yet through mistakes which will often become treasures and blessings to us after all that could help us move on forward and grow as individuals. It’s my way to never say that I’m trying to become a perfect person because of God, coz we could never get to that point as long as we are human. And yet.. as we get to know more and more of our living God who is closer than our own breaths and anyone who is right next to us and whose intention for our life here on earth as well as the manifestations of his power through our faith and his answers that can always be counted, if we only believe, it is an automatic and natural thing that we want to change and we want to grow for Him..coz He is that real and that we begin to love him so much. I love God because He is a very positive God who forgives us for our past mistakes and make us move on with such a breakthrough truth. It’s just not possible to stay in one place, not moving forward.
Yes, God created us all to be unique and different from one another, just as you’re different, too, from someone right next to you. :) Life is made interesting with many different things including the beauty of nature, cultures, people, and everyday is a new day for experiencing new things as well as meeting new different people. I am thankful to God for many good friends I have. Friends are treasures in life. This is what I have learned especially in recent years. No money can buy friends, and I am grateful and fortunate. I may appear to be like a comedian who always makes you laugh or giggle. Some people really believe when I say I almost became a comedian in the shows. Perhaps, you would, too, when you meet me. imageWith things described above with my thoughts, opinion or idea about things, I am sure you already see me as someone – as friends describe me as ‘she’s got the personality,’ funny, and different with a touch of stubbornness (but in God’s principle, although I did many things God was not happy about, just as you may have, too. We all went through things in life and learn and change. We are all humans and not being perfect. One thing God does is to make us move on and change and grow.)..yes having a funny bone in me :D, you may not believe this but it’s true that my IQ was always the highest of all in all schools, as I was growing up and up to college years, however this did not match up my actual school score rankings. In other words, I did not live up to the expectation of my teachers who always spoke of their big hope and dreams on me as many of them saw something in me, as well as my family, as I did not study as much as my sisters and brothers did who were always getting the best grades in their schools (all Tokyo University (Todai) graduates /equivalent to Harvard/Oxford/Cambridge Univ., with Ph.D) Instead, I was always a day-dreamer, doing my own things, not always going in alignment or going with the flow with what the society or teachers expected of me. I always seemed to have my own belief, hope, and goals set for myself to achieve that my instinct would only understand giving me a sense of fulfilment within me thus I always allow myself to follow my instinct and guts, whether I would have people supporting me or having no one, and have achieved what I have achieved in life so far. In that, I see myself extraordinarily strong and stubborn like a Rock.
imageGod is very important in my life. He has always been ever since I was a little child, having been brought up in a Christian home, although I backslid many times, allowing myself to be a lost sheep in the wilderness (Love this photo of a little lamb to the right, a representation of the lost sheep in the wilderness which is the representation of us having been lost at times in our struggles and trials in life. I love this little sheep because it represents me also who was lost in the wilderness at times. Nevertheless, Jesus always loved the lost sheep when he was physically on earth) There were times when I continued to allow myself to be a stray sheep in the wilderness without falling back into His arms right away because I wanted to taste the world and wanted to live like the world with people who don’t believe in God/Universe does. As I was going through many series of difficult times which we call ‘trials in life’ with many deaths, and many other difficulties at the same time. Instead of going to God like I always did, I threw my towels and began to look for alcohols in the kitchen cabinet and finally got into the habit of drinking everyday, looking forward to the night with glasses of wine or vodka. I stopped praying and stopped talking to God and finally I could no longer hear his voice.
However, I never stopped giving a compassion for those in need which people tell me is my natural God-given trait. I never stopped loving those who need love. One thing I know I must learn for myself is .. God knows. My emotions, although it appears to be slow temper at times, depending on the situations and whom I am dealing with but I get very emotional particularly being a woman :D (dah!) – slow..yes sometimes slow temper..and then hot. :D But, I have a deep caring love.. even my dog knows. Dogs are very smart, by the way.. they amaze me sometimes as to how much they know. My dog Mamura knows how to get by things and certainly knows how to manipulate me knowing how much I love him. lol God sometimes allows us to go stray from Him and let us learn to see what it would be like to live in the world without hearing His voice like a lost sheep away from its shepherd, as we have our own free will. And yet, once you taste what it is like to live in Him, hearing His voice and many answers to our prayers, there is no such a place like living in his Arms and Love. When we return to Him, we realize the time away from God is dryasdust and life has no meaning, especially when we have learned of Him who hears, speaks and answers to our prayers in such a vivid way with such an incredible love.
I sometimes get an impression from people who don’t believe in God or Atheists that they think people who believe in God or Christians need God because they are weak and need the help. However, it is actually the other way around, as the world only sees from outside looking in as an outsider imageand never taste what it is like to be inside. We can only speak for ourselves through experiences but people have to experience God for themselves. No one can convince them by telling their story as it’s the matter of the Sprit (God) to spirit and that they have to go through it for themselves. The fact that they never have experienced in sensing His spirit and presence makes all the world’s difference and they are simply looking from outside looking in. Some Christians are very strong and almost stubborn in adhering to their principles, never shift back and forth according to the circumstances. When I backslid away from God, I remember feeling and thinking Christians are hypocrites and weak, simply because I was beginning to see God from the different angles, as I didn’t hear any voice any longer, beginning to see people as an outsider looking in. So, I can relate to the opinions of non-christians on Christian people thinking they are weak. However, it is quite wrong and opposite. Again, it is because their sense of being outsiders looking in, not knowing exactly what’s going on between they and God. I must point here that I am not referring to those Christians that the world call ‘Christian herds’ thinking going to church makes them Christians and act like they are better than others. I am referring to those who have actually encountered with the Living God in their spiritual life and take God’s words seriously with a sense of true reverence for the sovereignty of God. Living in the fallen world with so many people – a lot of them are honest but many others being so dishonest whose moral values are distorted and so different from yours, you’ve got to have a strong mind set to stick to your belief and be yourself, not being affected by the system of the world. Nevertheless, we are all humans including all of us Christians although we have some degree of reverence for the sovereignty of God, being aware of His presence and existence because of the experiences of having had encounters – both simple and dramatic types – with God, that doesn’t change us to be super-humans like God. Thus, as a human I am unable to claim myself that I am always right, just like everyone else. We are all humans. imageGod says we are simply blessed and saved by his mercies and grace, and because we are humans we all go through ups and downs of life just like everyone else. And.. we are not perfect by any means – we all have done what didn’t please God one time or the other in life. That’s human. I see my writing is beginning to sound very serious, as I am letting my fingers move over the keyboard and typing my thoughts. :D
I tend to be brave and fearless in most situations, which are the traits that came from how my parents purposely raised me as I was growing up, not letting me see any negative side of life in hope that I may remain in trust in God as well as in people, not unnecessarily doubting people who come into my life, (as I am beginning to understand now why I am the way I am, looking back, remembering my childhood.. why I could remain cheerful most of the time). However, this changed. Yes, It Did after having spent some years in the States meeting various types of people, especially dishonest people in real estate business as well as in the reforming contract business industry. I was forced to learn to become more bold and stand up for what I think is right in dealing with such incredibly dishonest people for the sake of making the world a better place, not necessarily for myself.
Nevertheless.. these all come down to the way of the system of the world, not God’s ways. Any situations or what you are forced to be placed into without your control should not change the way you naturally are. That is not God’s way.. it was my way, I began to realize, as I have always seeing myself and have been considered by others as someone with a sense of good integrity and much love in most situations. No matter what you go through, involving people of all kinds, including those whom you don’t even know personally, and whatever the issue or unreasonable situations you may be placed into, we must remind ourselves to stay as we are, and not letting anything affect us or change us. Whatever we deal with in life are not necessarily personal or yours to begin with, especially when dealing with people whom you never met and have never spoken in real life. Old good friends of mine who have known me for many decades have recently told me that some of what we deal with in life, imageespecially when we find ourselves in unfamiliar places with people whom we don’t even know or unfamiliar situations are not ours to begin with. Unfamiliar incidents and behaviors/reactions of people whom we don’t even know have been theirs to begin with and their problems, and not ours. Their reactions and what they do and how they do things have been their familiar ways of dealing with their things in their life, and the thing is ‘you don’t even know them or met them or never will in life. Their particular ways of dealing with things in such ways didn’t happen over night. Certain things that you never encountered before like these are very natural to them. They all have to do with where they have been, what they have been doing, how they grew up and what their past life made them the way they are today and thus they do what they do and how they do things.’ These insights from good old friends made me begin to think.. it’s true. Some of my friends are world recognized intelligent people, and they are mature and experienced in life, and sometimes I begin to see what I didn’t see before by simply spending time with them. Thanks to God for such good old friends that He had brought into my life a long ago and have been good friends every since. What I can do for those in trouble whom I’ve never even met in life, although I will never see them or being part of their life, is to pray for them with a good intention and love and that they won’t get sick or get into any more problems in their life than they already have been. That’s love. I’ve been praying about something and waiting on God to make a final decision as the time has been an issue, however, that’s the direction I believe I should take. It seems I am determined. That’s what God wants me to do unselfishly, and the rest is all in the Almighty hand of God, as His word says repeatedly, we are not to do anything on our own without Him getting involved. His Word repeatedly indicates everywhere in the Bible that Trust and faith is what moves God powerfully. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. – Roman That is His commandment. Thus, we must leave everything to Him who is sovereign and all knowing. His Word prevailed in all history and still does on earth as well as in Heaven. Amen.
As a Christian, the word ‘Karma’ is not really used, but the meaning of the word makes sense. I do believe and am convinced from many of my past experiences, things that happen that are not favorable without our involvement or without our control to begin with or things against us will happen all over again in the different forms except that what happened will return to who caused to happen or things will return to where they came from in different forms. imageIt’s not my idea or opinion, but it is the truth of how things take place according to the Law of God. I’ve seen many of those in different people’s lives as well. However, on our part we don’t really need to know when the ultimate consequences fall onto things or onto others because it’s not our job, only God knows and is in control and see the end from the beginning. Things could take place a month from today, a year or even 10 years from today using various situations or people, and it could be that only the persons or people will know when things take place either to finally learn to find that God does exist and accept Him then or deny Him. But the signs that will be perceived by those caused/or participated in certain negative situations in the past will be obvious and straightforward to their senses and that their intuition will tell them why, when things happen. They will know because God will bring them a series of memories in a flash in their mind what they caused to have happened in the past. That is when they would make a choice to seek forgiveness or ignore for more continuous troubles in their life. Their sense of who they are inside – the inner self – will never be in peace or rest – and they would have to falsely and continually make up for what they’ve done to justify themselves endlessly over and over, giving themselves no chances to learn or grow out of who they are inside, never be trully happy.. unless they seek God to allow Him to forgive what was done. This doesn’t have to be that they would have to go to a person or people whom they caused wrong and ask them for forgiveness but seek forgiveness from God and repent what they had done and how they had things done wrong before God/Universe. Not even a little manipulation or getting by things in the worldly sense do not work when it comes to God, and the wrongdoers know that they know in the depths of their soul, it wouldn’t work with God.
We were all born with such spirit and the ‘built-in’ conscience letting us naturally sense deep inside that nothing can be hidden from the eyes of God who created us all in the first place. Yes, we all have a sense of conscience and the sense knowing there is God../Karma (that is how God created a dejavu thing we all experience and fantacize in the worldly sense is not a concidence but is all known and is in control by God bringing to our memory – to both the good and the wicked – which God put in us. We all have that when we came in to this world. imageLooking at ourselves you and me, including those who are well-known leaders whose roles are specifically and uniquely to guide people to positive thinkings and help equip them with the knowledge of God/Universe, I often see some of us fearing the eyes of the world and of people who have never practiced faith or belief in God, not knowing the reality of the truth about God and Universe more than we/they fear the living and all-knowing powerful God Himself who created us, while knowing and claiming to the world that they (we) have experienced the truth of God/Universe in their (our) life. Yes, true that we are human with weaknesses. Knowing, talking about it, and actually feeling convinced to the core of our beings are three different things. The reality is.. I came to this conclusion that many of us really don’t know God. I am beginning to be aware you and I are merely humans, and not God. But, I am pretty sure God is shaking His head, as I find myself beginning to shake my head, too, sometimes, when I notice it. It is almost like a comedy show sometimes as to what/how things are compromised with story changes – almost like a chicken running around with its head cut off or like a dog chasing its tale in circle. Stories shift. I am sort of joking here.
We all have a sense of knowing there is God, but I do believe and am fully convinced that through prayers and His predestined plans He is ultimately in control of all things and already see the end from the beginning (He already sees what is to come and how things will be a year/5 years/10 years/30 years from today), while some only see what appears to be that looks real but not really the reality/fact in a real sense, as some only see with the physical eyes (in the physical realm), and not really getting this fact truly sinking/registered to the core of their (our) beings deeply enough that GOD does ultimately bring judgement to all who manipulated things/people in life – the life – which is part of His plan. Having looked at what was going on and how things were being handled, compromised, and manipulated by some people in the world/community that I ran into and have had experienced (an entirely new experience) – with some of whom seemed to have lived in one segment of the cyber world – not in the real world – staring at the monitor of their pc, day in day out all day, as if it were the total universe, while the vast and majority of other events have been going on in the rest of the world, I had seen and watched their eyes always having focused on the affairs and faults of others whom they didn’t even know in real life, which were good manifestations of their small-mindedness, insecurity, lack of self-worth, self-respect, which had caused them to have been fearful and coward, and then to have begun to compete and jealous over people whom they didn’t even know and had never even met or never would..gave me a glimpse of how little they knew the Truth and the reality of All-Knowing God who is behind the scene of our life in such details made me shake my head (my close friends’ heads, too) but sometimes with a touch of humor because it was humorous, knowing the fact that God is the Omniscient, thus He is everywhere and sees everything and orchestrating everything behind the scene. Adhering our true story to the set of solid value and principles is very important, no matter what, instead of changing the principles to suit the circumstances to make things work to our benefit or needs, whether we believe or don’t believe in God as truly successful individuals. Solid truly intelligent and wise people spend their time very wisely, as our time is so precious and limited. imageWhen we know ourselves and are truly confident and successful with things around us going for us, again.. our time is very limited. There is no time for things or over someone or people who do not add the value to our life, especially when we don’t even know them personally and have never met and never would. This is something I had learned lately, as in general I tend to go out there and extend myself to others and often find myself becoming a friend with everyone whom I meet (offline life) without being too careful – even those whom I don’t even know. I learned a great lesson, according to my good old friends. Life is a learning experience, and learning is life.
Whatever experiences we go through in life including both good and good as well people who really don’t add any value to our life – do turn into treasures of experiences or blessings as we look back on how we came through later. Everyday is a new day, and so is a new experience which help make us realize how life can add a positive side of what we go through in life, if we allow it. One thing I am very thankful is the fact that I have so many good successful friends who love me and have contributed so many positive things and values to my life. Friends are gifts from God, indeed, especially, when you begin to see yourself so blessed with so many wonderful things that you have been taking it for granted. We tend to take it for granted assuming that’s just the way things are, when so many good people are around you, including yourself, and because that was all your eyes have seen. But, when you encounter rare situations or dishonest kind of people who lacks a sense of integrity whose lies are like their breakfast and dinner they eat everyday. Your first reaction would be negative and careless about those type of people, and yet a new way of looking at people and things eventually take place within you with a sense of compassion for them that they were never meant to be born or to become that way but are unfortunate not having been exposed to doing things right in their past life.. perhaps because of their child-upbringing or didn’t receive enough love. Your heart of compassion begins to go out to them in your heart. We must remind ourselves there is not even one who has met the glory of God. None. We are simply forgiven. None of us are perfect and it is the truth, we were/will be saved by His mercies and grace. Everything will be revealed by His means of using people and circumstances in the years ahead that are not seen with our eyes yet. We all ought to seek God’s forgiveness even on a daily basis, renewing our spirit day by day into His Fullness, as God is a Forgiving God. There is absolutely nothing on earth that can be hidden from the eyes of God, even in the things we call ‘tiny things.’ As I wrote above, we should learn to love even those who did us wrong, as their eyes are blinded and not being able to see the invisible God who is alive, willing to save them. I must admit here that I should have prayed unselfishly for those who had done me wrong five years back – for their salvation. I didn’t. I simply felt sad. I repented for that. Four of them – three of them – died of cancer over a three year period. I actually didn’t even know any of those deaths until my neighbor friends told me.. and just found out lately, one of them died recently in a car accident. Through the recent incident, I am learning as we all ought to pray for all, including those who do us wrong, whether our natural sense love to do it or not, it’s God’s commandment, and thus I want to be obedient and always to love by choice, and the rest be left to the hands of God and He will take care of all. Our hope is for everyone – both the good and the wicked – to come to have the knowledge of God to be saved into the Hand of God which is in Heaven in Christ Jesus, our savior, as we all know and read in His word that “There is no one righteous, not even one.” – Roman 3:10 .. and that we who hear the voice of God has been saved by his mercy and grace, not because we were better or righteous but He is righteous we became righteous with God through the blood of Christ on calvary. It is not us but Him always… We must remind ourselves of that.
imageGod’s Word in Roman 12:2, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.” When we yield ourselves to the voice of God, knowing his presence is real, anything comes your way, whether from the darkness or from the light, God allows them for us to see his ultimate glory to be manifested in various situations at a later time but only when we allow ourselves to be led by His spirit, allowing Him to guide us, as He does not force us but leaves us to choose our free will. I’ve seen so many God’s manifestions in my own life and His many specific answers to my prayers but also know that those happened only when I surrendered my whole self to Him completely. I have strayed away from His guidance many times just as with everyone of you did in the past and followed my human plans and tried to do what I wanted ..just to find absolutely nothing would work when we are in our own paths. I understand now His predestined ordained plans that absolutely no one can avoid. One of the greatest gifts God has given us is His forgiveness, as His word says, no one is made to be perfect and no one is perfect; all have sinned against God, but the glorious riches of the mystery which is Christ in you is the hope of glory.
Life is not always easy, as we all know it, but I’m learning and experiencing that life really is so precious and good after all… and I am glad to be able to say ..I love life. :)) – 11/08/12 
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