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Love Comes Softly <== Film

For Clark Davis: Dale Midkiff
For Marty Claridge: Katherine Heigl
For Missie Davis: (A very good child actor!!)

Whoever you are, visiting my rather new WP blog page for the first time, I would like to recommend you to watch the above movie. It is a very good film that I enjoyed watching over and over. Something ..perhaps, ordinary or plain in a way that is ofen used as a movie plot.. but I tell you I was very touched when I was watching this…as we are living in a hi-tec world era in which everything seems to be so impersonal and not transparent. This is actually a love story in a family setting, and not really a religious movie. This film reminded me of my days/life in the Midwest, and many memories came back alive, as if it were yesterday, while I was watching the film. Although I grew up in a Christian home and going to church, It was where I finally found the real Jesus where He drew me closer to Him as my personal friend and God, not as a religion .. but as Someone who is so real and lives today among us. He hears us, watches us, speaks to us, leads us, answers to our prayers, and perform many Miracles in our life, if we only believe. He is so real and wants us all to go into a deep personal relationship with Him for life and for Eternity. Will you watch this film for the sake of you accidentally coming across this page today..perhaps for the first time. May God bless you. ~ Arty Genius

PS1 If you’re interested in arts like I am, you might enjoy viewing some of my past art pieces in my blog pages. Enjoy! :)

PS2 Watch also the video about the man named Victor whose past life was incredibly distressful but he came out of his pit by meeting with Christ. The link was at the bottom of the page. Watch it when you have time. I know you will be glad that you did. Cheers!



The Title of the Film – “Love Comes Softly”

When the disaster took place, Marty finally asks Clark, ‘Why can’t God answer to your prayers?’ Clark says, “He always answers to my prayers. Marty goes on asking, “Really! Did you pray to God about this.I don’t understand God who you pray to make such
unthinkable things to happen to decent people. “

Clark continues on and says:
“Missie (his child) could falls down by herself, but I will walk up right there beside her. That doesn’t mean I let it happen. She knows ..that her father’s unconditional love. I will pick her up and carry her. He is a healer. I cry when she cries, and rejoice when she is well. In all my life, God has been right there besides me. The truth about God’s love.. it’s not God who make bad things happen. His Promises. He is right there besides us. ” ~ Clark


Yes, He is right there besides me, too. ~ ArtyGenius


In reference to the above where Clare noted, “It’s not God who make bad things happen..,” God’s Word clearly states in many Scriptures in The Bible (one of which is Ephesians 6:10) that there is an invisible realm as well as the visible realm where we live in our physical body, and whatever was and is going on in the unseen world are all known by our Creator, as He is One who created everything from nothing and is the Author and the Finisher of our faith, never being the author of our disasters. He allows the Darkness to do what he aims to do but uses them as means to manifest His Power at His chosen times so that the world would ultimately know who God is, even in things people in the history didn’t understand (or we don’t understand at times in our life), His Word in history manifested itself that He was the God who said He was, He is still the same today, continually manifesting who He says He is. There are endless testimonies of people who put their faith in this awesome God.

Thus we take His Word more seriously than what our physical eyes see at times, as what is going on in the invisible world are more real than the physical realm. That’s why whatever we see with our spiritual eyes and experience in the physical realm as well as things we put our faith for in our life (here on earth) have already happened in the spirit realm. In other words, they are already there to begin with, and we are simply seeing the manifestations of what has already taken place in the heavenly realm in the visible (physical realm – earth). Whatever we see first and comes to our mind such as our dreams and goals are actually planted in our heart and in our spirit by God. We go to God and believe in Him, not because there is no other way which comes from our doubts, fear or worry, but because we have experienced Him and will continue to experience Him in our daily life, as He is the one who take initiative in our relationship with Him, not us. We are simply responding to what He initiates with us. Even when things don’t seem to make sense to our senses at times, we can be rest assured and being confident in what He is doing in our life through our spirit where He communicates and by walking with Him. We can also look back on the past and remember what He had done for our life. We didn’t understand certain things that were going on then, but as we look at the present time and looking back at the same time, everything does make sense.

As for me, everything has been working together for good in my life, as I put my trust and confidence in Him. It’s true as God’s Word’s says..”without faith it is impossible to please God, and that there is nothing.. absolutely nothing impossible with Him, as well as with those who believe in Him.” That includes you and me, too. As for me, looking back on what He had done for me 
(although there were times I was so puffed up thinking I was the one who did it all on my own with my strength, god-given brains and talents, when I neglected His Ways as I didn’t have much time to sit down to spend time with Him, due to my busy schedules or perhaps having had many days of tough time at times and that I wanted to throw the towel and gave up, but the more I spend my quality time with God, switching my mind and looking back on certain great things that happened in the form of miracles in the past, remembering very clearly all those things that did turn around and changed for the best so many times, when I had simply put my trust back in this absolutely Awesome God with child-like faith, the more I become confident in how almighty and sovereign He is and what He is doing now. Not only in the past events, He does speak and leads us everyday. I recall a countless number of incidents and miracles He had performed in my life, as well.

When we yield ourselves to God and put our trust in God alone, only then He begins to move and speaks and does many miracles and wonders, as He is pleased when we surrender ourselves to Him totally – trust in Him alone before anything else – with all our heart (and not half-hearted), as He has given all of us a free will. He does not work His Miracles when we are double-minded, having other second or third options in mind. As one of the Scriptures found in Jeremiah 29:11-13: “I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. 12 Then you will call to me. You will come and pray to me, and I will answer you. 13 You will seek me, and you will find me because you will seek me with all your heart.” I’ve seen and watched Him move in various circumstances, as well as in business deals/activities in my own life. Thus I found/find myself often rejoice again in knowing that He was/is able and would/will be doing it again and again, but only when I had/put myself in the full trusting mode, not as one of the options. It really is amazing when we /I think about it. He did quite a lot of things and performed many specific miracles in my life where I can specifically speak out loud to the world about what happaned in the past and say.. He did THESE, and nothing else could have. I can write a book about it. As one of the quotes goes, what He does today is still the same as He did way back in the history. One of the quotes goes, ‘All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.” ~ Ralph Emerson Waldo And this was and has been the way my life stories have been, too. He Is Able. And He is able to see everything and all things knowing in all details what our physical eyes in the physical realm cannot see. 

Back to the above, when bad things happen, I am fully aware that He is not the one who causes them. He sometimes allows the Darkness (Evil force) to do what He aims to do just to let the world ultimately see His Power and the manifestation of Himself, as well as what He has been doing behind the scene so that we will give Him the glory where it belongs, when the time is right. Many miracles and the past experiences speak for themselves and that He is God who says He is He is (I Am I Am in The Bible). I found an interesting article written by one of the few Japanese Christian authors, so I translated it, as follows: (owg, when is my poor English gonna be up to the next’s a good question, but is a tough question to answer.)

(Aya M., Christian Author says): Based on the Scripture and the Word of God which many people don’t take seriously these days, including even those who claim to be Christians, it’s the Evil force in the Darkness that manipulates and works behind the life of both the good and the bad. We often think it’s the bad people
or manipulative punky people whose natural ways are to often harm and create bad-scheme agenda or to trick people by creating untrue/false dramas to work against the good. This doesn’t prove the good to be the perfect, as the Word of God clearly states there is none that has met the glory of God before Yeshua, Christ Jesus paid the price for us on Calvary. None. The Evil in the darkness manipulates the minds of the people who we think are bad and tricky/distorted. They are not aware that they are actually the victims of the Evil force whose aim is to ultimately take as many people as possible to firing Eternal Hell, not to Heaven, where God will not be present for eternity. Everything we did and do are being recorded in the God’s Book of Remembrance which will be presented before the crowd of all the creatures (citizens) of the world with not even one missing at Judgement Day which is coming at the final day (when this whole world comes to an end) and that every single one of us will see all the deeds of the lifetime of everyone – both good and bad deeds – as absolutely nothing can be hidden from the sight of this Almighty God. This is The Bible – God’s Word that was poured into the spirits of His chosen ones to be written and thus all the prophesies written before the Birth of Christ by our forefathers have all come to pass with even one missing, including the cruxification of Christ and coming back to life from the dead. One thing that has not yet been fulfilled according to the Bible is Christ’s Second Return which is being predicted to be very soon. Therefore, it is important that we seek God for His Forgiveness when we accept Him as The Lord and the Savior which will change the direction of your destination from the firing eternal hell to Heaven that is waiting.

This is the solid foundation of the Bible – Christianity. People, even those who claim to be Christians, often don’t touch this part of the Bible and hide the core truth, and not being open about it when sharing their faith with their outside world. While letting the world know that they are Christians and knowing and believing this part of the Bible, they often seem to get away with it and often change the subject of their conversation when it comes to the ultimate truth of the Bible as many of us don’t want to be laughed at or considered to be weird. However, if you truly believe the Word of God as God’s Word and claim to be a Christian with honesty and with a sense of reverence/respect for the sovereinity, you should truly love your unsaved brothers and sisters and help them to change their destiny to end with Heaven. This is true love, not fake love, no matter how badly they harmed you and your life. The absolute truth of Heaven and Hell. Talk to people who actually died and went to Hell and came back to life and are helping people come to know God to be saved while they are still on earth. This is an absolute part of the Bible that Jesus, the Son of God, came to the world just for the purpose of eventually dying on the Cross (it was all prophesized before His birth) to save those who come to Him for Forgiveness which in turn He always does forgive us and let us reunite with God in a very close relationship. But only for those who seek God and ask for His Forgiveness, as we have our free choice. If it were true that anyone can go to Heaven before he or she dies, there is no reason for Christ to die which was the fulfilment of the prophesy written in the Old Testament before the birth of Christ and that Jesus, the Son of God, died and came back to life from the dead for nothing.

Nevertheless, those who are still lost in the wilderness, not hearing His voice yet, as the spirit is not yet reborn and being connected (although as far as the Creator is concerned, He is all knowing God and that He already knows from the foundation of the earth which ones will come to Him or which ones will deny Him all the way to the Final Judgement Day. Thus, we must help those who are lost yet, while they are still alive on earth. It is important they are saved before they die, otherwise, they are doomed to end up with the firing eternal Hell. This is the truth about The Bible – the Word of God. ~ Aya M )


Wow. The above translated statement of faith and the truth, actually, sounds very serious as I began reading, but it’s really true though ..I believe there is no ‘In Between’ Either you believe or you don’t believe. And yet, only God is the One who is ultimately in control of this, even the number of people who will ultimately come to Him which would lead to Heaven .. or else to Hell. He already knows. We are not in control, no matter how hard we try for people.. it was/is all a part of His Creation Plan since the foundation of this Universe. I am thankful that we have God in us who works and speaks. Once we accept Him as The Lord of our life, that’s when He begins to work and speaks through the Spirit within and that those who accept Him can hear the Voice.

Like I remember writing in this WordPress’s “About (Me)” page way back (I’m very new to blogging), when we are seeing people’s life from outside looking in, we really don’t know what exactly is going on in their life, especially in their spiritual life, unless we experience the same. We/I can only speak for ourselves/myself, not for anyone else, about our/my personal experiences with God, as well
as those miracles He had performed in our/my life. In order for anyone who does not know God personally yet to come to know Him, he or she must experience God for himself or herself. No one can do that for them, except for God. He knows us more than we know ourselves, as we are simply His creations. He knows every little tiny thought – good and bad, what we plan, what we did, where we came from – all things. Everything has already been written in His Book at the foundation of the earth.

No matter how hard we try to get our wishes or plan to work for us, unless it’s part of His plan or His will – ultimately nothing outside His Will would work. He has His own divine time for everything under Heaven. Some of which came to pass upon our prayers are those that were planted/given by His Inspiration to begin with. As I look back on my life in small details, things all make sense. I tried my ways just to find out the simple fact later that things would begin to work for the best, when I finally yield myself to the Mighty Hand of God who never did change, does not change, and will never change. Yes, we change in what we say and what we do according to our selfish motives or wishes, but He never changes. The same is true with His Word. His Word never changes accoding to circumstances. It always prevail no matter what happens at His set Divine time. I am one of the walking testimonies of that truth as I look at my own life, although just like everyone else, there were times when I let myself go stray like a lost sheep in the wilderness from This Awesome Shepherd but just find there is no equal place in life where my life would be as fully fulfilled as it is when it is finally submitted to His guidance and Love.

Finally..these days.. I am grateful that I am blessed to be able to sense His presence and being able to hear the Voice of God, when He speaks and leads, even in the situation where in the natural, I am not gaining anything for myself by stopping something that was being proceeded, such as a lawsuit or things we always have been doing for our gains. However, once you learn to hear the Voice of God and the past history of Him working in your life exactly in response to your specific prayers and the blessings, there are no such things as second-guesses and that you know that you know in your spirit without a shadow of a doubt that He is speaking and doing something specific to fulfill His purposes in your situations and that you begin to see yourself as a part of His purposes or the messenger being used of He Loves His creations. THAT! itself alone is such a blessing that is to glorify His name.

Just like in the history of the Bible, people like Abraham, Noah, Moses, many other individuals who began to obey God regardless of the circumstances ultimately reached the place where there were no other explanations but specific Miracles and Wonders performed by Almighty God in response to their obedience and their solid faith. Those around them, who mocked and laughed at them because some of the above as well as other individuals in those Old Testament days simply and..perhaps foolishly followed God’s guidance with a child-like faith in Him when in fact they could have chosen easier paths, had all eventually failed and got into even more troubles later..perhaps at His Divine time, and to our regret, many of them died because they laughed at God and didn’t believe Him. (The above people are only a few of the many examples as The Bible is the Book (God’s Word through His people) that consists of actual life stories of those individuals whose faith were noteworthy and pleased God, as well as many of the Miracles performed by God in response to their faith and obedience. Thus they were the forefathers of our faith, with Abraham being the No.1.

The NIV Bible says (Verses 20-2) this way… 20Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, 21being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised. (NIV)

I am glad Jesus came. I am glad and I am happy Jesus loves me. I am glad Jesus is living in me, taking an important role in my life. I am glad He is giving me opportunities to speak of Him wherever I go. I am glad He is speaking to me, in me, through me, around me, and through people who have make Yeshua to be The Lord of their life. I’m glad to see the fact that although there were times that I turned my back on Him and wanted to live my life away from Him but only to come to realize later that life without Him is empty and nothing, once you had tasted and learned how Great He really is as you begin to trust God and hear Him speaking, see Him leading, and see Him showing His love, see Him smiling and sharing your happiness with you and in you when you finally find yourself happy in Him. You know why.. He is like a human – except that He is a Person of God who feels what you feel and sense what you sense..just like all of us humans. Our time on earth is very short, and the number of days in the rest of our life is all numbered in His Book. As He planned each of our birth day on earth – the day we were born – He already knows when our last day on earth is. While following His paths and making our wishes and dreams come true, as His Word clearly states that what is given in our thought life – both good and bad – has already happened before, knowing the good things are happening or on the way, why not enjoying everyday as if it were our last day on earth. When we have that mentality or the attitude, every moment is special and coming alive!

So, my advice for some people including you who accidentally came across my blog page today for the first time, if I may, – whoever you are – (I mean well on this with love) don’t waste your time, thinking negatively or perhaps doing something repeatedly that would not add any value to your life. Life is short. Be happy with yourself. Don’t be tempted to wonder or envy what others may be doing or may have what you don’t have. Focus on your life and what you can do to improve it. No one is perfect and is an exception to this. We all go through things in life and learn to grow, and that’s the purpose of this life on earth created by God. If you have never endeavored in your business and have never experienced a true success, hang in there and continue on continuing on. You will grow and eventually gain the genuine success because of your faith and the positive attitude. I am not referring here to the man-made fake reputation which is here today and gone tomorrow, or the kind of fame on which a false man-made success might be incorrectly based upon – such as a SEO success (which you have only scratched the surface of what is hoped to come) with a bunch of noises that is not quite in alignment with the real life success not being translated into the real-life profit with solid data and figures.

Again, our life is short, thus don’t spend much time that is not of any value to your life. It will slip away while you are blinking your eyes. Don’t get jealous of others or compete with others meaninglessly especially against those whom you don’t even know very well in real life or haven’t even met, as this could well happen in the cyber world in which the entire world has now extensively entered into – the cyber era – more than ever before that is far different from how we used to live our life, thus meaningless competition or jealousy over others whom you have never even met or don’t even know in real life could well happen to some people (unless you maintain your realistic eyes and insight) who are heavily involved in the cyber world which your everyday life literally consists of only hours sitting in front of your pc monitors – day in day out all day long everyday where you don’t really interact with people in person face-to-face. It is true that people often come into contact with those who live on the other side of the globe and that it is no exaggeration that we mistakenly think we know each other very well (unless you maintain your realistic awareness and the mindset) but the fact of the truth is.. it is not possible and realistic to know one another on such a deeper level, unless you spend a great deal of time one another in real life. That’s the reality of our human life and how much our limited human understanding can take.

Getting to know people on whatever level is a good thing and better than shutting down to building social media relationships, and yet to go to the extreme which you compete with others or even get jealous of others whom you’ve never even met in person or don’t even know personally is really going to the extreme, unrealistic, rather strange and funny, to be honest, which is one of the manifestation of your lack of self-wort and the real-life experiences, as there is no need to compete with others except for the healthy competition within you. Don’t do that, if you find yourself falling into that. You’re wasting your time over something that is not real. Be real.

In all aspects of aiming at goals, to compete is good and healthy, if it is the competition with yourself (within you), as it would help you grow more today than yesterday and get better at what you are aiming at, but if you compete with others meaninglessly, you are only fighting against your Creator who created you so uniquely, as each one of us was meant to be unique and different. ..And so were our past  experiences that are unique in themselves, including ‘where we came from,’ ‘career paths,’ ‘our God-given natural gifts and talents,’ ‘education’ as well as in many other aspects of our life, according to His divine purposes and the recipe for life, thus if you find yourself in this aimless and meaningless mindset, you are simply beating the air, fighting against yourself whom ..perhaps you really haven’t come to learn to know fully at all. See what is unique about you and find what you can do to further develop your uniqueness, gifts and talents. No matter how hard you compete, unless you focus on the right thing or the talent or gifts that God has given you, you’re beating yourself up in the air meaninglessly, missing the core point. You can’t fight other people’s natural talents either, unless you have one also. So find for yourself what your natural God given gifts and talents are. In that process, you will begin to grow tremendously, as you begin to look at the right place in you.

Be blessed with friends who would be honest with you telling you all your faults so that you could change and grow further. When you have friends who say exactly what they know you will be happy hearing are not true friends. In fact, those are not your friends. Friends become genuine friends when they become honest with you and point out what may be wrong with you when you are wrong, and the same friends may tell you honestly how happy they are to the same degree you are happy. THAT is the quality friends that are more precious than gold, silver, money, and .. fame.

Well.. today I had such a blessed time at one of the popular Cafes in SF this weekend. A little thing like drinking a cup of tasty coffee in the cafe where I am aware of the sun beam light hitting the floor so comfortably, or looking into an art magazine with a sense of excitement as to which art project I will be working on next and have someone/people happy looking at the finished product, on and on.. makes me tremendously happy. You know.. life really is short. Whatever we did yesterday or even 5 hours ago today will never come back and that our life here on earth is heading toward that One Day that will be so very glorious.. we might as well enjoy every moment as if today is our last day to live here but a part of the Heavenly realm’s events. How does it sound? A great ideal of how we live our daily life – such a fantastic way of life. You better it is! I love life.. because I’ve done something – many things in the past to make my good friends and family happy and that .. when I die someday.. they will miss me tremendously coz I am very special to them, and so are they to me.

In real life, I am not as religious as I sound in my blog. I am a funny smiley comedian type of a person whom people always seem to end up enjoying to be with and liking..according to my friends. :) What I mean by ‘not as religious as I sound..’ above is that I meant to say going to the extent of believing God is like treating Him like a friend in a deep relationship is not a religion ..coz it is not. It’s not an act of following a church ritual or traditions just to fit yourself a religious-person image. It’s a way of life. It’s all about the personal relationship with This Personal God Who is All Knowing and Powerful.. and yet so Loving. A way of life in which you find God’s existence to be real and that you really know with no shadow of a doubt that He
speaks and rejoices with you when you are happy. It is to the degree that you no longer care about what the world thinks about you but rather focusing on the real existing relationship with Almighty God whom you trust.

This does’t mean to say you are perfect. You’re not. You are simply a human, knowing all your faults, gooodness, your past, present, and looking forward to the future by being determined to grow as a person and to grow in faith by trusting the real God who exists and leads, thus your attitude is not necessarily to change the world or anyone in the way you want but simply yielding yourself to this Awesome God who helps you grow. It depends on who may be reading this now, whether you believe in God or you’re an atheist, although I am actually writing this with God in mind and that He is reading this journal and listening to me from my heart/spirit within, as He is in me (based on the Word of God, and sense that, too), I am sure you agree with me on some of the things I wrote today, if you are a Christian and believe in God. I am actually listening to my inner voice in the form of writing the journal as well, as I write it.(Oh, funny you (me)! When do you become normal, yo! :-( There is no such a thing as normal or one-of-a-kind in this world. We are all different and unique, ya! :D ha) Those of you who make sure you are normal (whatever that means) and what the definition of who you think the world think you are defines your own self-worth which often is not the case.. (question mark) and..with no personality at all..? (question mark) Who is normal, after all, anyway, do ya know. In any case, thanks for stopping by today.. perhaps you have accidentally arrived here today for the first time. You may leave now. Have a nice day. May God bless. Bye for now.. (.just.joking.) My joke is not too funny today. Sorry. -_- Just wanted to take a break from this rather lengthy journal.

Back to my belief in God, I remember myself as a little child, looking at the little stain-like spot on the wall that I found and always talking to it as if it were looking at me. (so funny..and so cute, looking back) So, I had a tendency as a child already to have a sense of reverence for something Greater than God. So, my trust or belief in God didn’t happen after a certain time in my life.. like..while going through a hard time or anything of that sort, although God may have used them to strenghten me as a person. My reverence for the dignity of the existing Known God was and had always been with me ever since I was just a very little girl since the time I began talking to the stain-like spot on the wall. I remember very clearly. Looking back now, I know it was God, already beginning to work in my life. A sweet smiley cute little girl as I see those old photos – so innocent and giggling all the time. I can’t deny those things about my infant-childhood. Cute, so innocent, and so lovable, just because I had great parents who were so loving and so respected by all wherever we went. It’s a good healthy pride, I think, that I am proud of them so very much. And you should be, too. Yes, I know I am naturally funny and different..and so incurable optimistic, according to my sisters. :D This is how I am, naturally, throwing my friends off often which they enjoy ((no wonder I have many friends.). This all has to do with my childhood upbringing. It did not (still does not) take much effort to be happy or to love.. except for the past few years I began finding myself a little more serious which I hated to see in me as that was not the real me that I had known but what I went through, having run into incredibly criminal-like dishonest people after people in certain industries – easily cheating with money and lacking responsibilities – had finally caused me to be reactive to certain situations/circumstances as well as such people in this fallen world we live.

Taking things so seriously and getting them into my system and being affected or being bothered by them was not me, not representing me at all to the kind of world where I came from – the kind of friends – rather classy – the honorable family and relatives (such honorable professions) and people whom I have dealt  with in business. People even used to make a remark about me (believe it or not..sort of humorous to think about..) when everyone else got all upset over something, (this is very true and hard to believe these days..) ‘even sxx (me) is upset now..’ as if I were the last person on earth to get upset. This all came from how I was raised coming from my childhood – laidback and slow to anger – well, until.. I ran into a series of events – one event after another – dealing with tricky people who practice crimes with no sense of guilts in some business industries in relation to what I used to do and still do in terms of my carrer paths. I have come to a realization that everything we go through is a life experience and through them we grow and become a true solid rock that won’t be easily shaken. I needed to change, not carrying the nature and the personality that could only survive being in the kind of environment and the family background where I came from – secure, reputable and honored by the peeople and the surroundings wherever we went.

The real person who you are meant to be deep inside that God had intended at the Foundation of this whole Universe (there is no lag in time and space between the earth and the Heaven – one day is like thousand years and 1000 years is like only one day), He already saw who I am (would be), and the same is true with you, too, – whoever you are, – unshaken and unchanged and confident no matter what – not the paper thin kind of confidence that is changeable depending on the situations that goes up and down, dow, down, and up again, and who knows..then down again :D – but being always genuinely confident and firm – not matter what life brings or throws at you, could be further developed only when you experience many trials/tough times in life, allowing yourself to be challenged by whatever comes your way..perhaps also..when finding yourself in the totally different environments of the world where you’ve never been before. Everything is unfamiliar. You can still keep yourself in the positive mode..coz you still find yourself happy down inside, since you feel the presence of the Almighty Solid Rock who never changes in you. Thus, you don’t change according to the situations like the weather. In terms our unshakable power and the strength, we can look at a pearl in the oyster shell as an example and how beautiful pearls come into existence upon endless external forces and agitations coming from their outside world. The same is true with attacks and bricks that are thrown at you in this fallen world. You will be equipped with incredible power and strength, as well as much wisdom coming from God, and that you will no longer deal with them in the same way as before, as you are not even aware you are getting tougher and tougher dealing differently with the samething, as well as anything and everything else… but you stand tougher and tall but the difference is..with love. When no outside agitations and attacks exist, there would no pearls. The word ‘pearls’ wouldn’t have existed in the dictionary either.

Nevery change yourself, my dear friends – your natural trait and the God given personality. Anything in life including those who trick you, harm you or being dishonest with you, or anything external force that is outside of you should not change the real you. I did have a hard time dealing with such incredibly dishonest realtors, tenants, remodeling contractors and then this and that in the recent year, but I woke up from all these. Their life was just the way they chose to be, and I realize I was not taking any part of their life, as I really didn’t know them personally and with no doubts they were not part of my life either. Whatever and however they chose to do were simply the extension of their everyday life in the past,  consisting of their past similar actions based on their malicious schemes or their decisions. A series of malicious criminal acts and manipulative schemes were so natural to them as if those acts were in their DNA by birth which would have no way happened overnight or done on impulse. 

Finally I came to realize that I didn’t know any one of them personally, unlike friends whom I would meet up with at a Cafe or would exchange gifts at Christmas time. So, not knowing where they came from and what they had done which I was pretty sure would have been pretty similar to what they did unlawfully against me with no sense of guilts, by having taken advantage of my kindness and goodness, what I had finally learned was that it was their problems, not mine ((as there is no surprise, as people don’t do what they do and how they do things so very naturally as a result of impulses or let things happen overnight for the first time), so why was I allowing myself to be affected by such punky individuals whom I didn’t even know personally to the point where my happy life began to be affected and that I began to see myself reacting and emotionally getting disturbed, having dealt on the same level with such criminal-like people who has no sense of conscience, as if I were or they were part of my life. Definitely, those malicious things they had done were things of an unfamiliar nature to me with the kind of honorable family background I came from. All unfamiliar and unknown in my past dictionary

I began to see there is no point of taking any matters or such unlawful issues personally and let such foreign materials so contaminated with viruses get into my system. Such kind of human beings were there and had been there in their particular places in their life representing why they did what they did and still they do what they do today and how they do things, and whereas I was totally in the different environment from them in my life whom I had never crossed the same path with them before in life. It is very true that how things were naturally performed or compromised were the ‘result of” how we naturally and repeatedly allow our mind to operate – day in day out all day long and everyday – good or evil – eventually become our natural habits. Where we are today, what we do, and how we do things have everything to do with where we were and what we did in the past, and didn’t happen just overnight. In other words, how Sociology describes that we are ‘the product of’ what we have come through in life and where we came from, having done what we have done and how we have done things in the past and by choice.. what type of people we have dealt with and hung  around with in everyday life/in business in the past (as friends are our mirror and the reflection/extension of ourselves) Anything they do/we do are carried forward as a result of the past familiar choices and like I said it didn’t simply happen overnight or on impulse. Just like what we often hear when it comes to the study of our health, ‘we are what we eat..’ It was their lifestyle – very negative and never used to be transparent with anyone or people and with the rest of the world, and always naturally scheming to do that is not legal with no sense of right conscience or guilts behind the scene. Considering and knowing the reality of the fact that I didn’t even know them personally, thus nothing should have been/should be taken personally, as it was their problem, not mine/ours, except that I/we can continually pray for them and their soul/salvation.

As a child I was blessed, and as of now.. I am absolutely blessed.. simply because the way I see my life now has a lot to do with it, too. And for that, I am grateful to my parents as to how they raised me with such love and respect to become naturally a positive and optimistic person. There was a time when I thought I had enough struggles all alone and couldn’t believe some people in certain business industries here in the States, as described above, including the criminal-like dishonest realtors, contractors, tenants, etc. – incredibly dishonest people who misled and played my mind all along having cheated money on business deals at numerous number times – the kind of people with whom you find your natural self not wanting to be around – which I had found my natural state of mind virally disturbed that I had never ever experienced in the kind of the background that I came from. As a part of the one of the quotes goes, “The good you find in others, is in you too. The faults you find in others, are in you too. After all, to recognize something you must know it within you…” ~ unknown, Because I was/I’m naturally honest, never been taught to doubt people, as I was growing up (my parents purposely raised me that way in order that I would not unnecessaarily doubt anyone and everyone – whoever – comes into my life based on their principles), I always tended to believe everyone else in the world was/and is also honest and never guessed or doubted anyone before. In other words, I took everyone’s word at their face value like a complacent child.

Nevertheless, having run into such bad people with no sense of conscience, I remember having had a great sense of gratitude toward my parents and to my God in the midth of having being in the pit at those particular times of my life, while seeing myself at the same time how far down the road I came, straying from my Shepherd and the Lord, I saw myself a person whose sense of integrity, respect, and love for myself had never changed no matter what life was bringing or what circumstances I was in, and thus had a sense of being greatly blessed with wisdom-like insight to see how my upbringing and the influence which my parents made upon me, as well as the fact that I had so much respect for them had caused me to think in such a way that I didn’t want to disappoint them who trusted me so much as their child.

We all go through things in our life, but our memory of our childhood and how much love our parents had for us become the root of our strength. In those memories, God becomes our strength and foundation, as well, as He is the Creator of my parents, too, and that He uses those memories… And because I love my parents who were/are so caring and loving, I never found it difficult to believe in God as our Father, knowing He loves us even more than our earthly fathers. I remember as a child receiving such respect and honor from people wherever I went where I grew up which seem to have become the core foundation of my life and that with those memories of my childhood still in me, my life seems to have been rooted in the kind of love and respect I grew up knowing/ having with, and thus I seemed to have naturally and easily been corrected, when was wrong and was necessarily to be corrected with no problem and without any hangups (when I was not quite right) coz of the need or the reoccurence of the needs/hunger within me for such similar/familiar respectable love or respect that I had known while growing up, never allowing me to go beyond the borderline of what could be going wrong or worse. In other words, God blessed me with the sense of good healthy pride in myself that came from my childhood upbringing which nothing circumstantial condition in life can change or replace my principles and belief to which I adhere to, as a survival value.

As we look inside ourselves and see in such details why we do what we do and how we do things, everyday of our life – the past, the present and the future is simply an extension of what we have come through and where we have come from.. however, I have never ever taken the  time before and wondered as to why I had thought or think the way I thought or think and did/do what I did/do and how I did/do things to this extent until I had encountered a series of some negative as well as unfamiliar events in life which differed so much from the background where I came from.

Nevertheless, as I begin to walk my life more deeply like a baby with child-like faith in God who hears, speaks, leads, and performs Miracles and Wonders, our atttitude should be that anything is possible or anyone could change for the better including those criminals as well as severely negative-mindset people, as the Word does say that nothing is absolutely impossible, when it comes to this Powerful God who had changed Apostle Paul upon appearing to him from the Christian persecuting man, killing many Christian people to the man who is now the world’s greatest man after Jesu, who wrote many parts of the New Testament in the Bible. I must admit and understand that anyone can change, including those criminal-minded with love, as nothing is impossible to God, and nothing is impossible to those who believe in His Word.

I do believe everything we go through in life – good and bad – has the positive aspect and advatages that could well add values to our life in every detail. I found myself more appreciative for the kind of friends that I have throughout the years whom I may have taken advantages of without much thoughts, as we cannot buy good friends. I have always been accustomed to have been surrounded only by good healthy-minded people in most of my life but after having gone through quite different circumstances life had brought, I have never ever come to this point of appreciating so greatly what I have, especially many of my good (quality, I would say) friends whom I may have taken advantage of being really God’s blessings, as well as material things, and some aspects found in my character which I believe came from God.

Recently I finally mentioned a little bit of what I had gone through during this pastyear related to my social media experiences to one of my family members as well as one of my uncles, the first word that immediately came out of their mouth that I heard was..”HUH??!! WWWHHOAAAATT!” (I must realize though, this uncle whom I spoke and shared, as described above, is not a believer and that his mind doesn’t generally operate the way mine does) ..which actually shocked me, not only reminding me of where I came from and what kind of background I came from..back home which had been buried inside of me, as my rather endless challending life in the foreign land had finally masked my life with many layers of toughness contrary to the kind of background where everything went so smoothly due to the respectable family and honorable parents. Without much thoughts, I had allowed myself always to stand alone, becoming tougher and tougher, getting used to not even sharing every single problem of my life with anyone. And I’ve been okay with that. In other words, without realizing I became a self-supporting person with a built-in strong sense of toughness inside. This made me think quite a bit also .. that I’ve been single for too long and taking care of myself (of course, God has been with me) all alone without anyone’s help. Life back home, where I would be surrounded all the time by everyone who is respectable and loving, if I go home, and where everything, including every support is provided without asking for it, somehow seem to have been far away from my world with my preconceived mindset, as I haven’t been back home for such a long time.

Having gone through many things in the US life, being busy with this and that, and being so accustomed to being so independent and being tough, doing things on my own throughout the years in the past, I have never taken time to stop and think what a great family background I came from and grew up with. Not only in terms of my family background where there is so much love everywhere with so much respect for one another in the family as well as the people around us, the country I came from is known to be one of the very rare countries in Asia (although things seem to be changing a little t
hese days) for the very low crime rate which one of my uncles, who is a well-known criminal-law attorney in Tokyo, has recently told me. Again.. letting my mind wander with many thoughts and memories of my childhood as well as about the country where I came from, with a cultural aspect of it as well, I began to be even more proud of my country than before…remembering that every place you go in the country is all clean, spotless, very organized, quiet..and very expensive, and with so many nice people, and many of them are highly educated.

I began this journal (writing) yesterday, but as my writing began to get lengthy, I stopped writing. It’s very natural and normal to me, as English is not my native language, I often get stuck in a place where I begin wondering ‘what on earth am I writing about now..’ as I continually let my fingers move and dancing over my iPad’s keyboard. If I go to the lady’s room to wash my hand or looking out of the window and see people walking by and if I happen to see a good-looking guy walking by (only kidding..I’m only joking) then I get sidetracked and forget what the point of this or that particular paragraph was all about. ha. Yes, of course, I am writing my journal to help me clear up my mind, grow and encourage and just being funny sometimes with my Maker, ABBa, as I know He is reading what I am writing! Not to unnecessarily justify myself though as being a poor writer in English, as English is not my native language, I would like to mention this..still justifying (eh? whoa!) :D..I can write very well when I write in Japanese, as one of the proof would be that I won and received the very First Prize in all Japan Debate (Speech) Contest awarded by the emperor of the country. Yep. Way back a long time ago. <(_ _)> Believe it or not, I am even thinking about writing the movie script in the future entitled ‘Runaway Nun’s Vacation Trip Holiday 2012 to the Cyber World’ – A Nun’s Discovery of the Cyber World. How do you like that! 

I am finishing up this rather lengthy journal for the week in one of the fantastic Cafes in Palo Alto now, not in SF, as the first part of the jourrnal was written yesterday. I’ve got to run now, yo! A few weeeks ago upon many at attempts to find, I finally could locate this blog site with only two posts from the last year, I began writing my personal journal talking to God and sometimes talking to myself almost on a daily basis. However, because of the busy schedule, I’m finding it difficult to keep my journal everyday, but I want to continue writing .. perhaps on a weekly or sub-weekly basis which I think would work. My journal is also for me to enjoy uploading my artwork and see them, when I find the moment to relax and to enjoy my time. Well, I enjoyed the moments sitting in this Cafe. Loved the tasty coffee, too. Whoever you are..having arrived at this blog page today for the first time or the second time, may your week be blessed and be filled with many special moments and .. many laughters (that’s important) with special friends. Life is gooood! Love you, Yeshua. Love you, Abba. I’ve got to go now. And I’m sending you holy hugs to whoever accidentally came across this blog post toDa. God bless you in the name of Yasha! :-) PS please watch the film that is linked to the top of this page. I am sure you will enjoy it. Cheers!

PS Read below also.



This is a very touching story about the man named Victor and his woman Eileen that was shared while Life Today was aired. I thought this would inspire you and bless you in such a special way. Everyone has the past. Victor’s story will encourage you in case you are going through some distress in your life. He had such an incredible upbringing and the life which seemed impossible for him to get out. He even helped his step father to go to Heaven. If you are a Christian, his story will inspire you. Nothing is impossible with God. After Jesus died on the cross, Jesus appeared to Apostle Paul in person who was persecuting and killing all the Christians. You know the rest of the story. Apostle Paul changed and became the greatest man in the history from the man who hated Christians and killing them to save the world. Victor grew up in a family in which many of them were either murderers or being murdered. Just watch the film.. you will be glad that you did. Cheers!


Their website was introduced when Life Today by James Robinson was aired on Tuesday, 12/4/12





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This blog is my personal journal, thus was initially intended for myself. Whoever happens to come across my post is certainly welcomed to read it, though I'm unsure if it would inspire you. It does for me, as it's for me. I sometimes read back what I wrote and help motivate myself in my spiritual walk. I enjoy my everyday life. Blessed with many good quality friends and my great musical and artistic talents. I am naturally a happy smiley person, especially when I am surrounded by likeminded people whose value system is similar to mine. I also enjoy meeting new people who help me move out of my comfort zone to continually grow. I prefer people who are naturally honest and transparent with a sense of good integrity. I've been enjoying my life more and more especially for the past half year. Hope this season is bringing you lots of special and blessed moments filled with joy and many laughter. Thanks for visiting my new wordpress blog page today. Have a wonderful day! May God bless you. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒ… - About 'Me'

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