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As With Apostle Paul.. This Man Was Also Transformed..

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What a fantastic day today! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment today! What about you, my dear friends who have accidentally come across my blog page for the first time. May your weekend be filled with many laughter and special moments!

This is a very touching story about the man named Victor and his woman Eileen that was shared while Life Today was aired. There is absolutely nothing impossible with God and what He does to people. I thought this would inspire you and bless you in such a special way. Everyone has the past. Victor’s story will encourage you in case you are going through some distress in your life. He had such an incredible upbringing and the life which seemed impossible for him to get out. He even helped his step father to go to Heaven. If you are a Christian, his story will inspire you. Nothing is impossible with God. imageAfter Jesus died on the cross, Jesus appeared to Apostle Paul in person who was persecuting and killing all the Christians. You know the rest of the story. Apostle Paul changed and became the greatest man in the history from the man who hated Christians and killing them to the man who changed the world.

Victor grew up in a family in which many of them were either murderers or being murdered. Just watch the film.. you will be glad that you did. It was actually awesome to see such an incredible coincident, as I was just praying about certain people, and I meant well for them.

Coincidently in connection with Apostle Paul, Joyce Myer spoke about Apostle Paul as well as King David today whose crimes they committed were not anything close to the kind of people who are known today. We know they were not anything as holy as their life is often represented for us to learn, as good examples. Nice to know and encouraging that people can change, and we can change. The same is true with Joyce Myer, too. It is very encouraging to see her life was transformed as well – how she is today and what she does for the world is not anything close to how she lived her life before. She is now a dynamic speaker, very well known in the world. Her upbringing was such that her thinking and attitudes were all distorted. It’s hard to believe that now..but it’s amazing how God can turn things around for good. It’s so amazing how God can change people.

Then, comes this man named Victor. See.. as I begin to do my ministry on a small scale, God orchestrates things to happen at the same time, as if I already knew all these will be spoken. Mumbling. God, You are so good.. all the time, as one of the songs goes. I recommend to whoever came across my post today or whenever. It’s an amazing story of a man whose life was transformed, as well.


Today’s Guest on Life Today by James Robinson – Victor and Eileen Marx

Today’s Guests on Life Today by James Robinson – Victor and Eileen Marax <== Watch this. (Choose the one (program) that was aired on 12/4/12);


Disarming Abuse – Victor and Eileen Marx

Their website was introduced when Life Today by James Robinson was aired on Tuesday, 12/4/12




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