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Inventory List of God’s Miracles in the Past and the Spiritual Discernment

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Hearing God’s Voice As He Initiates and Leads


I am finding it helpful to have a list of spiritual markers in my life, as with the goods in stock in business – as to what He has done in my life that I can identify them to have been His clear answers to my prayers – as well as the solid miracles that, without the shadow of a doubt, there were no other explanations but His performing miracles. Then I identify what each one of them explains in my walk with God. Each time I experience hearing God’s voice – both warning (when something I am not being aware is revealed unexpectedly out of blue by God to help me change my direction or action based on His Will) and His directions, I specifically add the new marker at that point.

A spiritual marker does identify the time when I made the transition, as well as the direction or decisions ย based on His guidance that without the shadow of doubts, I knew that I knew He was speaking to me and leading me. After a certain period of time, as I look back on these spiritual significances or markers knowing how faithfully God had directed my path according to His divine purposes in my life, I find my faith in this unchanging God is growing to the next level. When I specifically look into how things in the past had turned around for the best in relation to what I am still dealing with today, I can see more clearly the path or the directions in which God has been moving me, my life, and.. perhaps ministry, too.

At times, I may face different options. I should know which one of the options is what God wants for me or expects of me. When I face the decision about His direction – as to what I think He wants, I look into the list of my past spiritual markers and wait upon God, as I know things would not work unless His clear guidance and activities in the steps I take are not found or identified and clearly spelled out by His Word. This helps me understand His perspective for my past and my present, as well as the future.

Then, I look at those different options that are given to me and see which of the options seem to be in alignment with or consistent with what God has already begun doing in my life. If none of the options seems consistent with what He has been doing, then, I continually pray and wait on Him, as His timing is very important – not too slow, and not too fast.. but at His perfect divine time. During the time of waiting, His purpose for me is to learn to focus on Him, listening to Him as He speaks to me, guides me, and rejoices with me as I begin to get to know of him more and more while waiting on Him. The period of waiting on him may be over a short period of time or over a very long period of time. In other words, He is sort of funny sometimes, like a kid who needs our attention and much love, as His Word clearly states that He is a selfish God, which I believe He is not. He is just saying it in particular place in the Bible. I am just being funny here, Dad.

If the circumstances do not match or not in alignment with what He is saying in the Bible, as well as through prayers, I would think the timing is not right. Thus, I wait again upon Him to speak His timing, and He gets all the attention He wants from His kid. Love this moment of sitting here and talking to you, being funny, Abba. I see Your smiles. Love you, Dad. Love you Yeshua. Let me continue to learn to look at Your Face, not Your Hand, although I know You are more than willing. Hugs. PS Thanks for the spiritual gifts, Your arts and the musical voice through me. ย With much love.


Michael Smith๏ผ๏ผThis is one of the music pieces that I enjoy greatly..and inspired..and getting excited about this awesome God!! ๐ŸŽต

โ™ฌโ™ฉMichael W Smith’s “Prepare Ye The Way”ย ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽต

(Concert Performed Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church)




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