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Things We Can’t Do But Only God Can Do…

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Things We Cannot Do But Only God Can Do

The Word of God (Scriptures) says none of us (as long as we are in our human body, as our body will someday die), can come to the knowledge of God and learns of Him, except the Father comes to him/her first and draws her/him. Not even one person would seek God or pursue Him and the spiritual things unless the Spirit of God is at work in their life. If one of our friends or family members begins to seek after spiritual things, we wouldn’t need to question whether or not that is God drawing them. He is the only One who can do that. No one, including even those dynamic spiritual leaders of the world, will ever seek after God, unless God is at work in their life.

Knowing this, many believers including you and me come to great freedom when applying this truth with the understanding to our witnessing. We pray and watch and see how God is working in others’ lives. (what a freedom, indeed!)

“..for He dwells with you and will be in you.” ~ John 14:15-17
“He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.” ~ John 14:26

When we were saved, and we entered a love relationship with Yeshua – God Himself, at that point the Spirit of truth had come to us and took a residence in our life. And He is ever present to teach you and me. What a great God we have in His name.

~ Me, Arty Genius

Quiet moments with GodAbba, as I am about to begin my new day, I pray that you help me take it easy and slow down in my work today, as many things are requiring lots of my time, attention, and efforts. Help me stay in peace and remind me of your presence always. I can’t thank you enough for the love you have for me. I feel your presence and love which is awesome, Yasha.

Help me continue to live one day at a time and always keep those loved ones back home who are still unsaved in prayer so that they will come to know the knowledge of Your existence, and that Your Spirit will take a residence in their life, too, at your divine time, including one of my uncles – Mitsu – who is a criminal-law attorney, as he is one of the good targets whom I begin pray and place my hope so that he will begin to deal with people in Your way – God’s way, not in the preconceived and the strict way). I pray for those who are lost in the wilderness because of their distress in life, fear, worries, and their lack of peace, and that they too can experience and live their life in true joy, peace, and happiness, and not in the wordly shallow kind of love that is here today and gone tomorrow with not much thoughts for others. Putting faith in You, knowing You will bring all to pass, I yield myself to your guidance and wisdom.


PS What a beautiful day! I sense a good amount of chill in the air which reminds me of the glorious Christmas holidays that has arrived here in the Bay Area, too. So beautiful and so blessed and so peaceful. I found people everywhere – wherever I went yesterday – smiling at me as I passed by them. That is a small thing and yet so special and was a blessing. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Yeshua. I love love love love You! Watch me work and be with me as I begin this busy day. Big Hug.

With much love, in Your name.


Author: Arty Genius

This blog is my personal journal, thus was initially intended for myself. Whoever happens to come across my post is certainly welcomed to read it, though I'm unsure if it would inspire you. It does for me, as it's for me. I sometimes read back what I wrote and help motivate myself in my spiritual walk. I enjoy my everyday life. Blessed with many good quality friends and my great musical and artistic talents. I am naturally a happy smiley person, especially when I am surrounded by likeminded people whose value system is similar to mine. I also enjoy meeting new people who help me move out of my comfort zone to continually grow. I prefer people who are naturally honest and transparent with a sense of good integrity. I've been enjoying my life more and more especially for the past half year. Hope this season is bringing you lots of special and blessed moments filled with joy and many laughter. Thanks for visiting my new wordpress blog page today. Have a wonderful day! May God bless you. 😊🌅 - About 'Me'

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