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Draw me closer to You, God… even more.. more than yesterday..

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〜 Step By Step, Draw Me Closer To You….(Michael WS)

<– My favorite Christian Singer – Michael W. Smith
& Darlene Zschech (Hillsong) had the concert together – EO
Jubileum Concert – Tv Rip – ajayxlnc I don’t know about you or what
other Christian brothers and sisters feel.. but as for me each time
I listen to the spirit-filled songs that are sung by Christian
singers like Michael as well as Dariene Zschech (Australian singer
for Hillsong), my spirit man inside gets touched and get right out
of me letting His Spirit fill me so deeply.. and often I end up
finding my eyes filled with tears in joy and becomes so excited and
appreciative of what God has done in my life and is continually
doing in my life. This is what the Spirit – the invisible – unseen
can do. It amazes me sometimes. It really does. Friends – both old
and new (Praise God, I’ve come to know some great new friends
(thank you, Dad) say the same thing. Love you, God, yeah Dad. I do.
– Me
We are the lion of the tribe of Judah, while staying as a lamb of
God. Meek because of love and yet Strong with great strength
because of God. (“The One that is in us is stronger and more
powerful than the One in the world.” ~ Bible   Cat_Li.376x.darkInside


Author: Arty Genius

This blog is my personal journal, thus was initially intended for myself. Whoever happens to come across my post is certainly welcomed to read it, though I'm unsure if it would inspire you. It does for me, as it's for me. I sometimes read back what I wrote and help motivate myself in my spiritual walk. I enjoy my everyday life. Blessed with many good quality friends and my great musical and artistic talents. I am naturally a happy smiley person, especially when I am surrounded by likeminded people whose value system is similar to mine. I also enjoy meeting new people who help me move out of my comfort zone to continually grow. I prefer people who are naturally honest and transparent with a sense of good integrity. I've been enjoying my life more and more especially for the past half year. Hope this season is bringing you lots of special and blessed moments filled with joy and many laughter. Thanks for visiting my new wordpress blog page today. Have a wonderful day! May God bless you. 😊🌅 - About 'Me'

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