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It’s been an awesomely busy new year time.. but finally I sit down here to rest.

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As I see my hand drawing and painting, and even in enjoying the handcraft work such as knitting, weaving, dying.. again and again, I am being reminded being who I am – God’s one of the I never intended to create myself to be here on earth. I simply came to a realization, having found myself, as with the rest of the world.

This hand drawing or painting or doing anything else which requires the gift coming from the Creator of the Universe, I have no other explanation why I can do what I can do and how I do things. It’s God who is actually doing in what I draw, paint, or doing any other artwork that I do in my peaceful resting time. When people see the finished work, as they don’t apparently think they exist on their own but through the hand of a human being (as for me it is not me but You through me). kyusu.279x340The same is true with the beauty of nature that surround us everyday, or when we are on a luxurious trip to see the rest of the world, the beauty we see was not born itself. It was through the Hand of Someone behind the scenes, just as you wouldn’t see just paintings and drawings themselves but the owners of those beautiful artwork.

When you see the beauty of nature – flowers in the field, birds singing in the trees, all the beautiful things in the world, you see the living products created by the Hands of God who actually drew, painted, and created from nothing, that is.., including you and me. All unique. With all different experiences. And with all the different gifts, traits, and fingerprints. When I see my brains working super and absolutely incredible day in and day out without my control, as I never created myself or even asked the Creator to bring me into this world, again and again, I am being reminded of Who is in control of all things including my life, even when He let me go astray from His care to see what it was like to live in the world without You, not hearing His voice every minute of our life, as before. When we stop for a moment as we rest in Him, being in such peace and love, I can’t be thankful enough to our Creator who loves you and me, showing us how much He cares and what His Plan for our life. Even the trials of life turn into such awesome treasures and gifts in life.

Abba Father, I thank you for your gifts and most of all Your awesome love for me. As I look back on my life, so many miracles of all kinds including Your Hand upon me, giving me an escape from the 9/11 attack, deathly sickness, all the tricks set up by the world, on and on just to for me/us to be assured that You Are God who created the Earth and Heaven and that nothing can be hidden from Your Sight. I sometimes .. actually often find tears to my eyes when I feel Your presence and awesome love. Thank you. We are not worthy enough just to thank you but to kneel down and to bow down to see the ground, instead of Your Face in such Light. Yet, You love us as we are Your Creation – children – to respond to Your love. My love and our love is only in response to Your awesome love in turn.

Love You, Dad, Abba, Father, Papa, The Lord. I am in such peace, rest, and happiness in You. As we are approaching the end of the very end times of the world, let us expect what is to come with such an expecting mind set. I hear everyday all the things prophesied in Your Word being fulfilled – one by one – including the one world government that was already forseen in Your Word, just as with the birth of our Lord Savior Jesus and His death on the cross – yes, You, Yashua – was prophesied before Your Birth. As I read Your Word, the same scriptures I had read before – yes the same word that did nothing then popped out of it and become so real. I can see Your Word is indeed the living Word, not just bunch of words in the written form. It really is amazing to shock me sometimes – how things come into many realities – how those prayers come into existence in responding imageto our prayers. I’ve seen so many having been fulfilled at Your set time, including those wicked in the past having come to their repentance, and regretfully some ended in death later.

Grateful that I was accepted by a few of the seminaries to enter.. for me to decide which one. Nevertheless, I await Your divine plan to do what You want me to do, not according to my human wish with much enthusiasm to work for You. I must wait on this a little further to come to a decision. What a great way to start the new year 2013. I am thrilled to move forward to taste and experience this new year, expecting lots to happen. Love You, Dad, Abba Father. Love You Yashua. ~ Me [神を愛す。やりたかったことを第一にせず、あなたが大事であり、あなたを第一にして生きていけるよう祈ります。アーメン。]

PS I want to repeat and say it again, Father. I love You, Dad, not for what you can do for us and for me but for who you are. Thanks for making yourself known to me in such details and responds to every single thing I speak and think. Your letting me know thus I could sense to the core of my being is worth more imagethan a million, a billion dollars to me. Everyone and almost every program I see talks often about the End times. I believe it’s very near. Thanks for having seen me already even before I was born to be formed to be who I am as one of your children. Love you. I really do. I am convinced fully that you want me to extend myself to others and speak without hesitation. Help me powerfully witness and speak of You to the ones that you had already known at the foundation of this world and are written in Your Book. Do not let me shy away and stop talking. Love. ~ Me


“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen yet.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Michael W Smith shares his feeling about his Dad and my Dad, and sings and “Healing Rain. He is funny and sooo human but with such honesty and love.. like a puppy dog. ^^”



Unstoppable! It’s unstoppable for God to do what He can do, in addition to our billions of billions of years of introduction to Eternity..

What a fantastic story that Nick Vujicic with no arms and no legs shared in this particular episode (Aired on 1/22/13).

I am sure – 100% – you will be touched and find some tears in your eyes because of our Lord and Savior who can save you, too. What a great Creator of the Universe we have. So very thankful! You will be, too.

Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic

** The latter part of the video shows a little glimpse of what “Water for Life” is about – Black Water. Let us help those in great needs. You will be touched, too, and will perhaps find tears to your eyes, as you watch it. Life is very short and passes away while you are blinking your eyes. It’s your choice either to go to hell or heaven. No one can decide for you..nor could God. While we are still here.. let us help those out there who are desperate in need of help.


Water for Life

At only $4,800, we can save 1,000 people’s lives who need the clean water to stay in good health and not to die. There are 500,000 people who need the help.

Water for Life


Your Gifts Make the Difference: Where There’s LIFE, There’s LOVE

Blessed is he that considers the poor … Psalms 41:1


Ways To Give




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