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External Hard Drive vs. Cloud Storage: Which is Right for Your File Backups?


My iPad and Cloud: Ever since I purchased the iPad, every single thing I have saved in the past five years is also in the Cloud storage, including all the past files, my own original tweets, tweets tweeted by some tweeters that caught my attention, great blog contents that I learned from about new things called social media, inspiration quotes as well as good ones that were given to me or tweeted from friends, even all the past emails from friends sharing their struggles with their life and friends.

As God of the Universe is very important in my life, I want to grow more and more in faith and into His fullness, which I find it not always easy.. sometimes, as we go through some trials and the unexpected testings that life brings. I would say easy access to these stored data including the past messages of sharing, encouragements, and the Word from certain ministries does help me meet my daily walk in faith as well and motivates me to go out there to extend myself and to share the faith and the knowledge of God that I am learning and experiencing. For that particular reason, especially, having purchased iPad I am finding it very convenient and useful to rely on the capability of what Cloud can do. I was always storing every single file that I had onto my external, which I still do, but relying on the automatic backup feature that iPad offers seems more convenient. Now, I find myself wondering how I could possibly manage my busy life without having iPad along with the Cloud feature which has every data of the past including all the emails, the original twitter accounts’ DMs as well as my tweets and friends’.


DMs with My Twitter Account: With Twitter, although in terms of DMs I hardly sent DMS to anyone when I was active over Twitter but only in response to the senders. Every one of those, as well as those DMs that I sent to myself using the interesting capability of Tweriod which automatically added the message-account feature inside my twitter account when I signed up with them, and I used to write notes, To-Do-List, and the reminder in the form of DMs for me to be able to read them later, as well as for my son/friends who visited my account to read. These original conversation-like notes, messages, to-do-list are absolutely all stored onto both the external and Cloud with not even one notes missing for easy comparison. What a really great idea to use iPad and those backup features, truly.


DMs via Tweriod Feature: As I am writing this, some memories came back to my mind about the feature/the use of Tweriod with DMs inside the Twitter account which I used to take advantage of. There was a time I was writing many notes for me and the son/friends who were given permission by me to visit my account to read, like a bulletin board where I sometimes found myself preaching some sermons like a deacon in the church – ‘don’t do this or don’t do that’ kind of comments as if I were a senior deacon in the church preaching the sermons which I find now I am completely out of. Life is learning, and learning is life. We learn from what we encounter in life as lessons. Son/Friends are to enjoy and not to give sermons and tell them what to do, like a mother.


Back to the data thing, it’s a great thing to have a great product which you can store so very conveniently that you could refer to every single file or things you’ve done at the push of a button without the need for search in depth. Every thing I did and wrote inside the twitter account using the merit of Tweriod is well documented in the multiple files and stored in the external hardware, as well as cloud. That’s fantastic! When you know that you know that you’re handling your own life affairs and things you do, you are aware of every single thing you do/did in such details, especially now using the high quality data capability of the storage products, everything is clear/vivid, and that you sure are the first person and the only person who knows A to Z in the correct chronological sequence of your life, and why certain things were done or turned out to be the way they did, and in what actual circumstances behind what appeared to be, and that there is no overlooked error on your part, as they concern you, and not anybody else, and not anybody else would know better than you do, as you were the person who did how you did and in what circumstances behind what happened and how things happened. My English is not too good today. Help!


Although I was a little disturbed early this afernoon today, but then I realized I really shouldn’t as I know what happened and how it happened better than anybody else, as this concerned me, and I am in the center of all these. It’s almost comical now to see what still seems to be going on among the crowd and see what their story is. This quotes comes to my mind, ‘Nothing is interesting, if you are not interested.’ Nevertheless, what we go through in life has a touch of humor sometimes, as you sit back and relax and see what is going on, really, with them not knowing anything about how and what exactly is/was going on in the life of someone else, as any one of them is not you, not knowing the real background of things you would go through. While I’m still puzzled as to why these things have to be the kind of issues/affairs that would affect their life or things to do with them (as I don’t even know them. I’m not even interested in the color of the neighbors’ toilet papers they’re using or even their names), they are forgiven in this, as there is a touch of humor, after all. They jumped into things is what I’m beginning to see..not because they decided to make it all up. It could well be true that they simply thought what they thought was what was going on.


I finally began to see the humor in what’s going on, if that is the case, while I still don’t quite get it. It’s also the matter of tolerance and see what you make out of this – positive or negative, but seeing myself still.. having love left regardless of how things/me were treated or misunderstood, whether you prioritize your thing first, or theirs, by compromising that humans do make mistakes with … perhaps some egos, but would you forgive first before anybody else.., regardless of the fact that it really was none of anybody’s business getting into someone else’ privacy for a very long time, continually hacking for such a long time which did test my patience greatly, I began to see this whole thing as sort of like a comedy story with the happy end. But, only IF what has been happening was truly and accurately the result of mispresumption or misunderstanding. In that, I can let go and forgive, being tolerant, but if, in case this was already known to their knowledge, and taking the matter in the opposite direction is a crime.


I began to think/see, although this never occurred to my mind, that it could well be misinterpreted or misunderstood or presumed by reading what was there with no other thoughts on the many possible likelihoods.. ‘what if’ kind of insight.. which began to make me think though that many of the people who are in this are perhaps still young not having experienced many things that life brings, because of that they may not have been able to see things with ‘what ifs’ possibilities, as they may not see what they don’t see in many things that life brings in general. This doesn’t mean to say that I have mastered. No, not at all. But, perhaps it’s a combination of many things – age, belief, value, culture, where we came from, living in suburb or always in the country side, tending to be one-track mind, etc. Nevertheless, we must let go and move forward, and stand up and do what we must do in the right way, not dwelling on the past that we could do nothing about..and that we should be able to see the humor in this that have lasted over 1 1/2 years. Over 1 1/2 years. In awe.


I really don’t know anyone well enough (including the person who hacks) to dislike or allowing myself to have resentment or bitterness about what happened. This is true. In fact, I was away and forgave and forgot a long ago…until I found my only one online activity after I left twitter 7 months ago – the wordpress blogging site – being hacked again by the person specifically hinting me to know that he is hacking and is really enjoying the hacking, changing the password repeatedly that I would need to reset the password a numerous number of times every time I logged in. I didn’t let that to get to me any more, as life is short, and that time is precious..well..for a while, but that was when the forgotten buried feeling that I struggled through, when I was active on twitter and online came back, although I had taken the situation well and in peace and had meant well with my positive decision and attitude when I finally decided to let go and left Twitter peacefully, and had already forgiven a long ago. However, having gone through this endless hacks with the appearance of enjoyment, even after I left a long ago, I couldn’t help it and ended up writing my feeling in two posts which I never ever intended to do as the blog was/is intended to be particularly for me to express and write about my personal walk/faith in god to grow, not necessarily to show it to the world.


Nevertheless, I can try one more time. One more, with one condition, that I will never be chased and hacked again. No more privacy invasions. No removal of personal data from the skype account. No more strange comments. No more signs/hinting of enjoyment in hacking. Never add any more people – whoever I interact over Internet including twitter or anywhere else onto the distribution list to keep me/us from getting to know new people in the social media including the twitter, as was always done so before. Very. very. serious. about. this. I am not writing this to make anyone who has chosen to be a hater to change and to like me, as they have already shown me enough of some form of bullying and mocking for such a long time that I don’t expect that to happen at all, as I know by now anyone has no slightest idea as to what it is like to be bullied themselves by multitudes for such a very long time. I remember one of my past friends was bullied just one day, it was devastating to him that he shared and expressed his horrible feeling. What I finally would like to propose to people is this..that I won’t be hacked from now on and letting me go free, as there are billions of people out there in the twitter cyber world who are strange enough to be watched and upgraded, or extinguished. Time should be spent on them, as well, with respect. It’s been 1 1/2 years now, and in my understanding, life is short, and there are more important things that we want to focus in seeing nice positive things we find in people, uplifting them with encouraging words and tweeting about them instead. I am grateful and appreciative now that I’ve learned quite a bit from my own mistakes, as well as lots about people..


Before God, my mouth will be kept closed, not letting any word coming out of my mouth about what we went through together, as I tend to confront any issue before the crowd publicly, whether 100 or a millions, when necessary, instead of gossiping like some do. I don’t. It’s been a period of time that my patience was greatly tested, and sometimes I failed and blew it bad, and sometimes I learned to let it go. If the hacking would still continue, as has been, and if I still see the hacking going on again and again, I have no choice but do what I must do. Anyone and everyone is entitled to have the right to privacy by law. As I am writing this, I find myself beginning to be like a mother, and still having such enthusiasm and energies to keep up with the world being challenged for new things, when I in fact have to learn to take it easy and relax. I find myself having gained some great knowledge of what social media is all about including the concept of what it is and what it can do to the world and us in terms of the business. I have learned also tremendously about the character of people who are involved in it – how awesome some of the leaders are. Truly.


I got sidetracked and began talking like I am talking to people in the crowd, which perhaps they may be listening (My English needs to improve). I recently found out that you can have screenshots using the ipad on whatever you see on the screen by the simple touch of the button, just as with laptops or desktop computers. How awesome to find what it can do. Ever since I learned this particular feature, I got into a habit of capturing the impressive blog contents that I learned from reading them right after I read them or even some interesting tweets that caught my attention. The customer service reps of Apple are very friendly and helpful. Their support system with an atmosphere of friendliness and confidence has some kind of culture with them that you are made to feel like a part of the world they are dynamically working in. Nice.

I normally read back and correct my English afterwards, but I am tired today, God. I seem to have caught a flu and have some fever for the past few days. Strange to have it in the spring time. Compared to the time that I first arrived here in the States, when my English was absolutely least it’s much better now that I seem to have no problem in communicating with people in verbal conversations but I still do have some difficulty in expressing myself in the written form. I studied very hard and worked hard and as I look back on life, I know there is nothing impossible if we allow our mind to be determined..of course with God’s help. When I arrived here for the first time, being in the toilet on campus, I said, ‘Come in’ instead of ‘Wait a second,’ when somebody knocked on the toilet door, while sitting on the toilet stool. That was how bad my English was.. Nite, God. Love you. PS I’m very tired of this, God. I don’t understand why we couldn’t be friends. I’ve got good friends and I’ve had no problem making friends at all until now. This has been the very first experience in my entire life. People love you or hate you for no reason. This, I learned. I’m very human today, God, as I am a human. As much as I wish to grow more into your fullness, I continually blew/blow it.. Today is one of those days.. I’ll be fine tomorrow..  


Author: Arty Genius

This blog is my personal journal, thus was initially intended for myself. Whoever happens to come across my post is certainly welcomed to read it, though I'm unsure if it would inspire you. It does for me, as it's for me. I sometimes read back what I wrote and help motivate myself in my spiritual walk. I enjoy my everyday life. Blessed with many good quality friends and my great musical and artistic talents. I am naturally a happy smiley person, especially when I am surrounded by likeminded people whose value system is similar to mine. I also enjoy meeting new people who help me move out of my comfort zone to continually grow. I prefer people who are naturally honest and transparent with a sense of good integrity. I've been enjoying my life more and more especially for the past half year. Hope this season is bringing you lots of special and blessed moments filled with joy and many laughter. Thanks for visiting my new wordpress blog page today. Have a wonderful day! May God bless you. 😊🌅 - About 'Me'

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