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So, Let Me Be A Soap – The Soap That Less Likely Gets Anyone’s Attention

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    (Seriously, I had to click on the
Publish button again, as two same duplicate appeared and One gone,
and then the other gone.. Strange strange… Needed to put it
back.)       *******  
  ….”So, Let Me Be A Soap – The Soap That Less Likely
Gets Anyone’s Attention …. And Is Left Alone Being Free.., As It
Had Never Even Spoken About Itself as to What It Was, and What It
Could/Can do, It Never Did. Leave It Alone….Give It a Privacy.”
  ..And please get busy with your own life and work on
yours, as in turn the good habit with no competition other than
your own self, no curiosity for what wasn’t/isn’t any business of
yours to begin with, an the better-man habit to genuinely care to
make the world a better place with selfless ‘me’ out of the whole
focus/picture of any kind will really change the world the best way
possible for those in great needs and very quickly, IF the same
kind of energy were spent rather than looking for only negatives
about a person(s) and to create drama – about a person who was
merely just one of the beginners – people – on earth, never claimed
or spoke about herself anywgere..but was merely a newbie with
enthusiasm to learn by trial and error about social media, and that
if your intentions were right, you would spend precious time for
better use for something else…with ‘you’ unfocused in the
picture. ‘Different Types of
Leaders’ – Amazing Fact That Is Worth Your Attention

  While blinking your eyes, thousands and millions of
people in poverty are dying. Please make use of your time for
better use with ‘you’ out of the picture unselfishly. “The dignity
of truth is lost with much protest.” – quote So why you need to
continually protest and behind the scene spreading the gossips,
mixing up things that didn’t happen in the right chronological
order..connecting unrelated dots to create drama.. It really is a
crime. And continually gossip and hurt someone so badly – when in
fact the person forgave you a long ago in love, knowing all the
truth.. If we choose selfless acts, this sure makes the world a
better place where we could come together in love and trust.
Without trust, life is lifeless.   I want you to
know..this is the very first time that I am doing this, knowing the
truth, I never took the direction to respond in the way things have
been compromised and handled. This is not really for the sake of
who is to win or to lose. It is more about an integrity issue and
respect the human beings other than yourself. Do you own twitter?
Now, Friend, knowing you that much, I let you get by things as if I
were not even aware of things much..because I am from the different
country, and perhaps, culturally different, or perhaps I was a
newbie..? I knew it all intention, games, how your drama would be
made to work, trying to help the other side, while trying to be
this way at the same time; however I knew it all. It was a
collaborative work of all to have it worked and made to appear like
real – but only those who were capable to allow themselves to shift
their value/ principles a little to work around the circumstances.
That’s the skill and the gift of misleading and playing the minds.
I can’t do it, as I reverence God, but some surprisingly can. If
this would become dramatized, it would be a great hit, as it serves
as a part of the scenario which comes from the real life untrue
story. Nevertheless, this is not the end. While I realize you don’t
respect or love yourself because if you do, you just can’t/couldn’t
do how you manipulated things and circumstances that were
chronologically misplaced. While those are things we can forget and
forgive, if you don’t how to respect yourself you don’t know how to
respect others either or love, extending yourself out to others
right. You will run into the same things over and over..  
I think I was mistakenly interpreting the scripture, when you
choose love, and because trying to love them doesn’t mean that you
allow people run over you or being the doormat, showing the other
cheek to be slapped.   “I am sending you out like sheep
among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as
doves.” – Matthew 10:16   Don’t mix up things the past
many years back with present, hoping trying this and that would
work, where we were not even there..and use them as ingredients of
scenario. Be the leader to lift up others rather than pulling them
down using things that you can do nothing about, as everything even
things that happen yesterday is all gone. Be positive. Comically so
negative which almost make me begin to laugh by shaking my head..
Be nice. Be fair. I am only responding fairly to the degree things
have been handled and compromised. While I do believe God strongly,
I have no sense of guilts writing this before God. I am only doing
what I should have done in the first place.    
******   Funny,.. As I am adding this..knowing this is my
private account, as I am writing this, this particular tool
software is indicating that inside my own private account, some
activities are going on..inside my account. Do you ever take a
break from all this? day in day out..all day.. Amazes me. Take a
break or have some sleep from many sleepless nights. Why? Love and
respect yourself a little more. Try to become a big person, not
small .   *******    You were
drastically doing what you’ve been doing, and this is not coming
from my impulse but merely responding to you in the fair manner to
the degree of the drastic measure you have taken, without my
presence, unlike the court the cases that are handled fairly with
both the plaintiff and the defendant present and both speak.
  ” Don’t confuse my personality and my attitude because
my personality is ME and my attitude depends on YOU.” – quote
    *******   “I am sending you out like
sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as
innocent as doves.” – Matthey 10:16   I had/have chosen
‘love’ instead of ‘hate,’ but if choosing love is what continually
helps succeed the malious acts, then your choice of love has not
been bearing the right fruits but going against the clean flow of
water but allowing the water to be stagnant in the evil
environment. That is not of God. I was simply naively wrong, and
being taken advantage of because of my goodness and ignorance being
a newbie in the world of Social Media. Stop the game only intended
to protect your fame, reputation, and no more eye rolling hinting
game but live real.   I detected through some services
that this post has been moved from already ‘Published’ thus “update
status” if change need to be made to the status To be published.
This is not the first time. Please do not play game. thus before I
forget I place this back to be a part of my blog list, as this
belongs to my site.   This blog below was written right
after I (we) found that my blog site was hacked and hijacked in
series of passwords being changed and that I needed to reset the
password quite number of times.   This blog site was only
meant to be for my personal spiritual journey that was meant to be
only for myself. I was always writing about my spiritual walk, and
this blog was not necessarily for anyone or the world to read but
only for me. As I experienced this continual hacking and the subtle
mind manipulation and the intimidation, my buried and the
tried-to-forget-and-forgive emotion came back, as hacking was done
in subtle ways that no one knew but me..and that was always the way
to intimidate such a subtle way but so openly for me to
notice that someone was enjoying doing it.   That was when
I couldn’t help writing about my feeling in this particular
original post page (Also, “About Me” page, and the “Yashua and the
Little Lamb” post also describes some about my feelings about the
hacking I continually experienced but was writing them as if it had
already happened in the past, while knowing it was still going on,
knowing it but by choosing ‘love’ and to protect the hacker). And
if it weren’t hacked repeatedly here on a continual basis, like the
twitter accounts, and if I saw myself a privilege of keeping my
privacy, I wouldn’t have written and touched any of the issues
related to my experiences upon twitter, as this blog site was
strictly for me to express my personal journey like a diary and for
me to read them later to help motivate myself with my spiritual
journey. I wrote the similar post in another place when I found
myself being enjoyed with the hacking in reaction to that. Even
now..I see the daily activities by someone else inside the admin
page, as if this were to be shared by two people as properties,
literally living inside this account. So is the other hosted site.
  Everyday. Have you ever thought what it is like to be
hacked, knowing you are being hacked whatever you do on a continual
basis? Any clue Putting yourself in this shoes..? Instead of
enjoying in the team tweeting at specific numbered minutes, like
fun with no emotions and sympathy involved on your part..and it
was/is always negatives.. by pulling from the hacked materials?
Just imagine, the person is going through his hacked/stolen
materials that actually belong to someone else, going through them
with his eyes wide opened just to find the negative something
..always from them. Putting yourself being on twitter, by seeing
other tweeters beginning to tweet about something new about you
every day that you could sense the new something is out for the day
but always something negatives… everyday..   Just
imagine that. I am sure some of you don’t even want to be quiet,
like a son-buddy who was once bullied just for one day couldn’t
even cope with it. Remember that? And imagine that it went on for 1
1/2 years? And for such a very long time on a continual basis..?
And you merely enjoy being a part of it and tweet for fun at
specific number minutes? Can you feel it? It’s not a joke, really,
when the person knew it all, while it was going on, and yet, never
gave up with a positive attitude..for a very long time?As I am
writing this, my feeling began to come back and that I seems I am
ready any moment to go by the law, especially knowing this thing is
still going on behind my back.. not in my favor, when in fact I was
the one who forgave first. Not understood.   We don’t get
caught for hacking for sure, we might as well take the easy road,
and get it over with, and let’s be teamed up. It’s just about that
one little one that will disappear out of our sight anyway
..eventually…?   “I Don’t Need A Friend Who Changes When
I Change And Who Nods When I Nod; My Shadow Does That Much Better.”
– quote   I am finally standing up which I didn’t before,
knowing everything – how everything was going. I didn’t deal with
this in a mean way for a long time, as our time should be spent for
something more worthwhile like doing things to make the world a
better place. I scan through this particular blog quickly, I find I
did write things out of my emotions, remembering those many long
months that I were bullied day in day out every day with those
mocking sarcastic negative tweets that were not encouraging me to
grow but rather seemingly assaults – extinguish..such as “… and
some don’t deserve..” “best to look natural, but some needs makeup
to look natural..” – tweeted at specific number minutes… It
really wasn’t the way or intent to help support or guide but rather
to kill by leader.   People who were trying to help being
on my side forgot this as I was away for 7 months (I never asked to
be on my side but i sensed that they knew me by instinct that I am
honest, and whatever I did they tried to make a big deal out of,
which was unintentional, and which in fact they knew was nothing,
too, but somehow needed to create some drama to back up the hacking
they did) what it was like when I struggled through and yet with a
positive attitude to continue on, never letting those bullying
leaders get to me, as my conscience was clear, and as I knew God
was always with me, knowing all the truth behind the scene, while I
do acknowledge I am not always right, just as everybody else. I
never claim that I am perfect.   However, no matter what I
did, how I attempted to improve for the better, many repetitious
apologies, not knowing what the real reason for apologies, really,
but trying to be understandable, things never changed. No matter
what I tried, it really wasn’t that either but to begin to get it
why – To Extinguish – what a bold approach, as if you own the
Internet and Twitter, except you don’t own it. Some leader even
tweeted at those specific number minutes by quoting from the
Youtube episode using the word, GET OUT!” It was obvious that their
goal and purpose was to get me off the Internet. It really wasn’t
how I tweet either. Just the game, as said. Amazing. Truly. And
amazing that I never took my stand and never stood up for it. The
more you defend, bringing the unrelated dots to create drama, with
so many listed explanations, the funnier it gets and the more
forgotten facts that i know coming back to my memory, and I get
more and more legitimate reason to go by the law, as I know your
intention -getting by – by trying to find ways out a going out
instead of confronting/approaching the real issue in the correct
way, as experienced leader. Exaggeration simply makes the matter
comical and make you miserable.   Again, this is not about
who wins and loses, which I know for sure I will win, if I taken
that direction. No problem. Why haven’t I done that. Love and
tolerance. It is more with an integrity issue. Look within you and
see why Didn’t I stand up before like the way I am doing now? Love.
Never I did, knowing what was really going on and the tactics. All
you do is defend and covering up by slowly getting people seemingly
on the other side pulled toward your side. Brutal and no respect,
and ignoring/disrespecting the human soul/right. How do you value
things and people in general. Where did/does that attitude and
doctrine come could that possibly happen? Dislike
yourself ? Learn to love yourself and surround yourself with people
who have big dreams and lifting you up and love you. We could have
been on a good terms like I tried so many times, joking, friendly,
always speaking nice things about you, regardless of the continual
bullies. Respect each one’s uniqueness. I am not perfect just like
everyone else, but I wouldn’t handle the matter the way you did if
I were you because I think I care about people. Sorry to be
arrogantly enough to be honest. I shouldn’t apologize, actually,
this is where people – the bad ones – begin to take advantage of
the goodness, instead of appreciating it. Good people understand
naturally. I was a newbie with much enthusiasm and trying to learn
fast by trial and error. as I am writing here, I really really
really really really don’t get it still to this day why I had to go
jthrough what I went through. Seriously. I wasn’t noisy either.
  Why was/is it have other billions of people to be
able to get busy with also, when I was not even following you, or
not even knew you or twitter enough to put you on the follow list –
someone who was just starting out with less than 2000 followersthat
you really wouldn’t even want to pay attention to in the first
place.. There was no any place where I claimed or spoke about
myself as to who I am or what I do even to son (bro)-like buddies.
Never bragged or unnecessarily put myself down either. Why should
you (I). Just being yourself. Just being myself, cheerful and
funny. There is no story about me that you are trying to make out
of. Period. I do know why you have to do that..even to do such
drastic thing to gather people just to defend yourself spread the
gossips. You needed the story. This is the game. Knowing it, out of
love I never said it nor letting this get to me. Unless I stand up
for what is right this goes on forever just for you to justify.
  Why do I have to go as far as you go, when in fact I
have no social media reputation to begin with that I must
worry..nothing. It’s an integrity issue. I don’t have to protect my
reputation, as I don’t even have it yet to begin with in the world
of social media. It’s all about the integrity.  
  “The truth of dignity is lost with much protest” ~
quote.   * The Amazing Fact That Is Worth Your Attention
VS. Truly-Experienced-‘Me’-Unfocused-Thoughtful-Genuine-Leaders
  I’ve never protest as I know this is my life
thus there is no one knows the story about my life better than
myself, thus there was no need to protest. This does not mean I am
right in everything, but how I wished we could talk to each other
instead of about each other. Please do not play game any more..and
control what I here. This is my property. You have no
reason to play games in someone else private house.. Like twitter
account, and fb. What you did really was a drastic think
about it now finally… All these dots were all unrelated. I will
explain everything what you all tried to do from the very
beginning. My truth will hurt someone and someone’s reputation. And
yet, it is much better than taking it to the court, involving those
legal professionals with the solid backup documentation. If I
decide to do so, but I didn’t do that out of love. You don’t get
it. I knew it all. And yet, I closed my eyes.   What i am
doing is very fair, considering what you have been doing, digging
searching what might help in backing up your side, instead of
legalizing it, spreading to anyone who RT’ed me, anyone whose blogs
I found helpful thus I posted their link on my facebook wall
without really knowing them at all personally, even those that I
posted at ‘Me Only’ setting that were invisible and for my personal
reminder to read more or learn more about what wrote about social
media, as well as my personal note to myself like a diary by
hacking my Facebook account to make me (someone who was merely a
newbie but was so excited about social media) like some kind of
weird criminal. What are the legitimate reasons there. There was/is
no place where I claimed myself as to who or what I do, have never
even spoken about myself publicly. What you fave been doing is not
to help solve the issue but a straight forward gossips which would
not help or lift up anyone but just to assault. Do you own
Internet? Do you own Twitter? Simply low quality gossips without me
being present unlike the court cases done fairly with the plaintiff
and the defendant present. It was always one-sided. What surprised
me was people all believed it with no thoughts and joined the
bullying gang team. What you hear is one thing, and take action and
do is another which reveals your true character.   More to
come when my time allows. I just noticed this post was removed and
stirred me a little. This has to stop. You don’t understand my
intention – love, knowing all the truth and how they were
manipulated, and yet I didn’t come forward and explain. Now is the
time. I don’t feel guilty before God, as I don’t see this as
something I am saying and doing on my own.   Dots:
  1. When I was struggling my life with many deaths and
various difficulty and spent time on twitter to escape my pain. Is
one dot.   2. When hacked and dm (not really the regular
DMS but more like a bulletin board, writing sermon-like notes to my
friends. Is another dot. I never dm’ed to anyone except when I
received and in response to them. Except for a few when I wanted to
congratulate some for achieving the to ranking in that part of the
world. And when the guy specialized in Alzheimer’s decease, I asked
him some questions via dm. Whatever the notes mistakenly
interpreted when hacked by forcefully opening the locked door to a
private house by a thief (so to speak, locked private house =
private twitter account and DMs) , thinking words were my words,
with no clues as to words being merely the repeated words tweeted
by someone else and used like an old deacon in church preaching the
sermons were distributed. You are not talking about the relevancy
here. Remind you. Illegally hacked, and there is no such a law that
you can hack anyone under any circumstances.   3. Another
Dot: With or without me, the hacking was going on. That is the
habitual occupation like practice with 100s of IP addresses to
hide. I was warned by someone about a person who loves to hack via
dm, “I warn you about “so and so, All he thinks about is the money.
This is another dot which must be hidden and the drama must be
created to have it backed up.   One conversation via tweet
that I caught one day (while I was already beginning to be bullied)
About Hackings that were done by those who hack casually to protect
themselves : “I never thought about him. He could really be the one
who could help us (meaning… ‘help us out of the this hacking
thing we got caught’).”   Another conversation.. When
someone who was always on my side trying to tweet something to
defend/protect me, the person who hacked whether on his own or upon
instruction tweeted right after The above tweeted, ‘You vs. Cat
(me)’ (meaning, are you going for her, or going for yourself.. and
for your reputation..)   “First they ignore it, then they
laugh at it, then they say they knew it all along.” — Alexander
Humbold.   So, this whole hacking really wasn’t personal
whether me or you or whoever – something some people do hacking
casually – like a piece of cake or breakfast and dinner you eat
ever day..casually..I begAn to see almost 50% of social strategists
do that and they know one another openly they do that..but then,
why knowing it so casually, when it is caught you get the pride
back, and justifying it, no matter what it would the point
where you damage the unknown little indicidual. You should have
educated before you hacked, which would have been different as it
were so casual, and that you did it shamelessly, then you should
get rid of your pride, too, then. My reaction would have been
different, and I didnt have to go through a long period of agony
and being bullied with so many gossips and things about me being
monitored day in day out as if I were..some kind of criminal…? My
word for that, sorry, but I don’t apologize, in view of the length
of what I went through with one nasty remark mocking tweet after
tweet, but say, “Give me a break!” What’s more with your game.
People seem to have forgotten how nasty some of the tweets were. I
really didnt know what I was getting into, but I kept my chin up
and continued , not letting it get to me, as my conscience was
clear. God knows.   But the thing was caught. It could
have been anyone else but the backing up justification must be
created. if that means to hurt and harm someone.   “They
laughed, the ignore, then they knew it all long.” ~quote  
The thing is.. It really didn’t make any difference whetherit be
me, or someone else. They needed the story to back up.  
4. When one of the leaders mistakenly thought whatever he heard…
was distributed which I now understand him and why.. Poor thing,
when it was simply like the bulletin board (not DM using the other
site’s feature combined with twitter’s dm feature) where i was
questioning to a friend who was reading. Or sometimes simply
repeating someone else words that were said in the past like
preaching the sermon like a decan in the church which I stopped.
The thing is.. This was done, not overhearing someone speaking. The
personal private account hijacked and hacked, like the house with
the door locked was unlocked by a thief and overheard the home
owner’s private conversation. Absolutely illegally. You are talking
of the relevant and irrelevant. Tell me who knows what is right and
wrong, and even to the joining to the gang crew to begin hacking
merely based on what they heard? Something is wrong here.
  5. Believe it or not, I even called the person who
hack(ed) by looking up google to be a friend, not an enemy. Just as
I always tried to tweet about the beautiful flowers blooming in
Washington DC. His response was.. Who? Do I know you? Saxx? oohhh,
I think I now know who you are. We did tweeted to each other,
didn’t we (when in fact he was the one who appeared from no where
and continually asked me to add the comment to his blog..not
knowing that the invisible link was spread in his website. I didn’t
respond and didn’t do it for a long time. It was way before this
mistakenly interpreted dm thing took place spread. Again, it really
wasn’t DMs but the bulletin board where inside my private account,
knowing some friends came and visit to read, I was writing notes –
more like copied versions of what others wrote as if preaching
sermons. You are talking about what went on someone else private
account here (remind you) which was illegal, NOT hearing so and so
talking about it..kind of things. Be relevant and decent, please,
and based on that, you teamed up the bullying team to tweet nasty
and mocking tweets day in day out for 1 1/2 years. If I were you, I
would have accomplished more work than spending your precious time
for such a long time for such things. And AlwYs legally.  
And I really wouldn’t be interested in anyone else affair – even my
neighbor – what website she or he visits, and whether the dating
site like e-harmony was registered for busy people like my eye
doctor who recommended to me, as I was anti-social..where she met
her fiancé. I am not interested in affairs of people that I don’t
even know – what their favorite color is when they buy sweater or
dresses. Not at all, UNLESS they come to me and ask me for help.
Then, it would be a different story. I would begin to care and I
would be interested in their affairs and extend myself to them, but
nah nah, not to find only faults, especially if I were a leaders. I
would find what must be improved and pointed out, not to assault or
extinguish, especially when I really don’t know what is going on in
their life and not only that if I don’t know them personally, as
seeing from outside what seems to be would only be assumption, and
I don’t rely on my assumption, if I were mature or wise.  
“Nothing is interesting IF you are not interested.” ~ quote
  6. I don’t know how story progressed, but there has been
no one in my life that I would have to chase as my dream. In awe.
Yes, I did have a son-like buddy whom I cared about his future.
Never meant to be anything else. It really was very different first
on my part. I tell you the truth. It was already 4 years ago.
Son-to-mother or sister was accurate for the past few years. No ego
or story to this. The son should know it better and knew it but
tried to take the share to help the other side in the drama,
revealing little respect which is being begun to be revealed. Do
not blend in this and jkthat by mixing up incorrectly 3 yrs bak
with what it is now in the wrong chronological order. Son knew that
whom I cared. Very sad. People simply know nothing but in illusion
consisting of words of hinting and leading and misleading. It’ all
games. Feel sorry for those living unreal, not knowing living on
their own but merely on the image and reflection created by others
which are often false. Life is short. Do not live like they do. Be
you, in private as well as in public.   I meant well. I am
not poor enough to search for the stars, to be honest. Sorry to be
too honest. Because you have reputation or wealth doesn’t mean that
your story always supersedes the others, as we all think
differently, and that’s the way the world lives, especially those
insecure people who don’t really know their real worth and wishing
to become someone great. That’s not how God thinks and how He
created us to be. Some people simply don’t go for that kind of
things. And definitely they don’t participate and join in the
cheaply hinting game but go for real – day in day out all day…
Some people are more interested in giving all they’ve got to help
make the world a better place like giving the money to the third
world. I really really don’t get this kind of arrogance and
one-track mind of thinking. Respect the sovereignty of God.
Reverence God who sees all things and created us all equal,
especially the God and the Universe is the source of the doctrine
and the principles by which your business is promoted by, if you
truly believe what you protest to the world that you believe – for
the sake of those who seem to be struggling and believe you by
paying the money and following you, and for the sake of your
unselfish purposes, not merely for the sake of your own personal
dreams, goals, and just being the stars who tend to live by
reputation they think the world have on them, not focusing on the
character. “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he
treats those who can do nothing for him.” Johann Wolfgang von
Goethe     “I Don’t Need A Friend Who Changes
When I Change And Who Nods When I Nod; My Shadow Does That Much
Better.” – quote   Back to the legality, you are not
talking about people who did things legally, like knocking on the
door of a private house, and enter lawfully like your friends and
family do but using all sorts of keys (hacking numerous number of
twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, collecting even those posts
that were posted at the ‘Me Only’ setting, and exposed them
publicly.. collecting those – whoever interacted with me, just
little or a little more – whether I even remember having been in
contact with some of them, whether I dont know them at all – you
stole from my private hotmail accounts, and had/have continued to
do so. What surprises me is also people who don’t stand up after a
certain point that this is not legal..and apple to apple approach.
Only one-sided with the other present like in the court where
things are presented, asked, and questioned. Please give me a
break. I dont apologize by saying this. Do it right. Lawfully.
  All and how you have been doing is to continually go
back to what was illegally being hacked which is absolutely
illegal, and based on that you teamed up the team and continually
distributed the hacked info. Are we communicating here? And no one
stopped this, and some people are even trying to help the other
side, knowing the truth.   And you don’t even know those
you target personally. Help people with love. Come and speak in
private if there is anything that needs to be worked out and
improved, instead of just justifying and defending your reputation
only. Something is already wrong there to begin with. You dont care
as long as your side appears to be ok. What about the integrity
issue. What about a little person who had/have been struggling,
coping with this from the integrity point of view, but trying to
see this in love that we all human makes mistakes, but don’t take
advantage of goodness over and over just to justify your side. What
about your continual hacking attempts which keeps me from coming
back to becoming active in social media? What about my privacy and
the future reputation? How are you going to support in that?
  I didn’t want to legalize and rely on the law. I would
have no problem, as I already have the legal professionals backing
me up with the solid proof and rocking supporting documents,
especially, along with them is my uncle living in Tokyo who is a
criminal-law attorney – very successful.. Why didn’t I do. Knowing
all the truth, I chose love, opposed to what they forced me to do.
However, while/if simply choosing to be quiet, and letting go out
of my love, your unfair one-sided justification continues on and
doesn’t seem to support me at all whatsoever in terms of the
violence of my privacy (continual hacking, continual maintenance of
the formation of the fake courthouse with the people who
continually receive the one-sided negative reports, and the images/
gossips/rumors you created and spread out of your one-track selfish
motives to justify only your side – your hacking. The formed team
whether they liked it or not cannot be by all means in place of the
legitimate courthouse members as it does not consists of two sides
being present – both the plaintiff and the defendant – being
questioned and speak or answer like the fair practice done in the
court. Always one-sided. To think about it upon feedback given, it
is comical and very unprofessional measure having been taken.
  Find something more worthwhile like something to make
the world a better place, like help encourage and lift up those
newbies to grow – even those newbies you don’t even know personally
– billions of them out there – not just me, instead of finding by
spending such enormous amount of time what really can’t contribute
in lifting them up and change for the better using such unhelpful,
mocking, nasty negative tweets like ‘you don’t deserve’ or
something of that nature that points out things a person was born
with and that remarks can’t support in helping anyone to grow but
merely being dragged down. It was an assault, not to help change
for the better. It was not the team to help change the world for
better with ideas and dreams based on the genuine facts and the
truth, but simply a bunch of GOSSIPS.   And those who
wish/hope to develope their business strategies in smedia
considering their wishful future and dreams (that may not be more
likely coming true), many of them followed you, as the truth didn’t
matter to them. If it did, they would have kept their right stance
and the distance from what they knew/know was not quite right a
long ago, instead of joining the bullying gang team to begin with.
Hearing is one thing, but doing and taking action is another which
reveals the real character of them which otherwise was not found.
Why I say wishful future will not come true? There is God who sees
everything. We are not perfect by any means, and He forgives, but
knowing it is not true and ignoring it and doing it over and over
repeatedly with no sense of guilts is something not honoring the
dignity and sovereignty of god. Making mistakes and seeking the
forgiveness is one thing which God does, but taking advantage of
his goodness, ignoring his dignity by hiding the truth and
continually aim at fallacy and ignoring his sovereignty is very
arrogance, especially using His name as a tool and part of your
business. ”   No weapon that is formed against them will
prosper; And every tongue that accuses them in judgment they will
condemn.” declares the LORD.’ – Isaiah 54-17/Bible – Old Testament
  Back to the phoning Japan where the person who loves to
hack with 100s of IP addresses, I really believed he and I became
friends, forgetting the past, like children forget soon, upon his
word telling me, ‘you are a nice lady, yeah when we were little
kids, we did and said things, but we soon forgot'” as my mission of
calls to tell him that I would forget whatever happened. When I
mentioned asking him, ‘why those people tweet funny and strange, as
if I did something..mocking tweeting at specific Time?’ His
response was, “Just ignore those bitches and idiots. Life is short.
Enjoy life.” I really believed it. In fact i begn to feel good
about the person. I am a very simple minded, and just tend to
believe at face value whatever I hear.   He even called me
telling me that what I may want to be active is the Google+, and by
leaving the note saying, “You made mY day.” When you are simple and
take word at face value, like a child (not wise, but..that was how
I felt)..I just believed him. However, it was not true. He created
two persons in his mind. A person (me) who believed him and hoping
that I will get busy with Google+’ and not twitter by becoming a
friend to me by making it look like he was my real friend, being on
my side, while he would have had to get busy and create another
‘me’ whom he had to create the drama to justify his hacking on ‘me’
that was caught, who sadly and totally believed he was what he
described to me he was.   By any means he would have to
get busy with that drama, while hoping I would be out of twitter
and out of his sight. No one would hurt doing this way.. would
know.. However, what about the person who believed and was very
happy thinking that things were learned through a new friendship,
new hope, trust, and the integrity.. my future in terms of the
social media..not knowing what was being distributed about me while
being made to believe. You care..someone who was determined to
trust. This is an integrity issue. I also noticed on some occasion
that he modified some words I spoke. My intuition told me something
very strongly. You’d better be very careful when you nod and
agreed, saying, ‘yeah? Really. I see..’ carelessly, as what you
say, ‘I see’ or ‘yes’ to what was being hinted and being asked
becomes your words as if you were the one who spoke it.  
As was distributed, I have never copied anyone’s blog, or copyright
materials, however, as English is not my native language, there
were times that I borrowed some people’s statement as quoted
references. All unintentional. All graphics and images were all
mine or modified versions of stock photographs. Unlike untrue
stories overly exaggerated and distributed, why should I copy when
I know that I have a good sense and skills to create my own. The
situations have actually been the other way around, that people
copied many of my website contents in the past which I actually
needed to contact google about it. While I was the original creator
of the content of the website (10 years oldest website), while
taking a break from keeping one of the websites up running, as I
went back to put it back online, and as I searched in the google
page, I found 100s of the website with the same content that I was
in shock which as a result would have to make my original versions
to be modified to avoid the bots interpreting my site to be the
spamming site, when my site was the first and the oldest. I
couldn’t believe it when we found out about it. My own original
text must be now modified to keep them from robot interpreting the
some content to be duplicates. This particular website took me
straight 6 months to complete (more than 200 pages).   I
contacted Google about it, but their reply was simply, ‘You must be
glad that you are contributing your share in helping people succeed
their business. There is no law to this day that can a lid that.’
was their answer. The point is..whatever you heard was not
accurate, either exaggerating or just digging to find what can be
wrong that could contribute in making the story very real. I know
what I do and did. Some were unintentional, not knowing the thing
about the Internet in the past. What a positive mission to must be a tough thing to do, when we were naturally
born to look at what is good about a person/people. And
continuation of doing it would certainly kill our my sense of our
being, peace, and well being, not doing in alignment of how God
created us to be – Positive and encouraging others. Not only that,
doing so would stifle me.   Positive thinking, looking at
good things found in others and encouraging them also to lift
yourself up, too, at the same time, instead of dragging others
down. There must be some issues there that you may need to work it
out within you. Whatever it is, my conscience is clear that I know
myself that I cannot come before God and be in His care if I had
something intentionally done, knowing it were wrong. Nah, that is
not me. Never have been. And never being raised that way. Come to
think why my matters were so important to you, lasting this long.
Do you care. Love? Love yourself? I am not perfect by all means,
but I am a good person who care about others. I confined with one
individual because I believed and trusted that person, as the
person did say believes in God, so I even asked her to pray for me.
This has been a turning point that i was forced to learn not to
take anyone’s word at face value. There is a quote that goes, “what
you see in others is in you, too, after all, to recognize
something, you must know it within you.   “The good you
find in others, is in you too. The faults you find in others, are
in you too. After all, to recognize something you must know it
within you. The possibilities you see in others, are possible for
you as well. The beauty you see around you, is your beauty. The
world around you is a reflection, a mirror showing you the person
you are. – Unknown   One thing about me, you might say, “I
am stubborn” You may say in any way you want. I am not perfect by
any means, and I know I made many mistakes just like any one else,
but just to find what would make me happy truthfully and
successful. We all make mistakes, and I was ignorant, thinking that
I would be as capable as I know I have been, and that nothing is
impossible, as God is on my side, as he is with everyone else, too.
I speak the truth. But one thing I can’t is to give in to lies and
and compromise, especially when I know what is exactly going on.
Like the quote above, I tend to take word at its face value and
believe it. Just like I believed the man – the one who loves to
hack – at his word. Because I believe with no doubt at words at
face value, I tend to assume the rest of the world including the
person who hacks live the same way..which I began to learn it’s not
wise after all..perhaps God’s warning. just like the quote, what
you see in you is in others, too. This man really really hurt me
and damaged me that I don’t think I will be able to forget the rest
of my life, although I did forgive him. Just like the quote, I may
forget as years go by the description of the event or story that I
had encountered, but I don’t think I will never be able to forget
how I was made to feel..for such a long time. Very long time.
  Unless you experience it yourself, you would not what it
was like. ..I have many good friends, and was always liked and
loved wherever I went, but this is truly the very first time that I
encountered.. Besides all the attempts to improve and to learn how
to communicate over twitter- most of the time I enjoyed being
retweeted and retweeted with a this day why I had to
go through these bullying and with hatred, when we could have been
simply positive, forgetting the past, and being friends, humorous
and enjoying time together, not living in the past so repeatedly
like there is no such a thing like the future, or even the present
either. I really didnt get that regardless of many positive
attempts and apologies so many times. Was mystery to me..until all
the pieces came to fit together later.   “There are no 100
shades of black and white.” some of you who were seemingly on my
side who cared changed while I was gone during the 7month period.
Or it could have been just the game that you are enjoying
participating. Have you ever really tried to think what it would
have been like to go through this ..and for such a long time. I
know this were all game, I began to see, with no emotions involved,
but if you put yourself in the shoes a little, it is not something
of a game that you enjoy tweeting for one side and then tweeting
completely for the other. What I see are just having fun.
No slightest clue. You are not talking about the legal thing is all based on the illegal things done, and tweeting for
them as if you know it to be all true. Time change people, and by
preference, you don’t care if it were true or not. You set yourself
up to play game, too, on top of the game. Enjoy tweeting!
  There has been any place where I spoke about myself,
whether I were the president of the US or the beggar on the
street.. The only place where I spoke about me was in my email that
I sent to myself, to test to see the hacker(s) really was chasing
and hacking my account and reading that particular message, which I
really didn’t hope that were truly happening. It was only the test
and the humorous joke. “Welcome to my email account? Why are you
here? You and I could have worked together, if this didn’t happen,
as my niece is managing and directing one of the biggest cosmetic
Skincare companies in Japan..all true..and yet, now here I really
don’t even have to go on further explaining this, as it takes time,
to explain. No, I dont. This was my private account and wrote this
to myself as a testing means, like you send yourself a message for
you to receive it as a reminder of something, just like DM with the
Tweriod feature that I could take advantage of inside my twitter
account, except that I sent the message to myself inside the
hotmail account to test if the hacker would read.   Again,
I want to remind you..I am not talking about my conversation with
someone whom I was conversing in person but writing a message to no
one but to myself for testing and in fact not hoping that it was
all in my head, and the hacker did not exist and thus was not
reading my test message, as this was all INSIDE my private account,
and was merely a joke message for testing his malicious hack entry
into my private account. Am I clear..we don’t need to make the
irrelevant become relevant. The relevant is relevant, and the
irrelevant is irrelevant, and the law is what the irrelevant become
relevant, and not the other way around like the way team was
formed, except only one sided story has been distributed by
ignoring the other human right. Just like a test sample message to
find the hacker really was hacking. If whatever the hacker may have
read was distributed, you know you cant consider that as relevant
as my privacy being interrupted and the private message being
stolen and distributed, nothing was legitimate thus couldn’t even
be seriously taken and voted as means to bully against me. We are
talking about the decency and relevancy here. Am I communicating
here.   Seeing and feeling what the hacker was doing
behind the scene in such details day in and day out began to make
me see how much he/they were worried thus every effort must be paid
to continually lead the minds of people and convince them, treating
me like a criminal, in fact the situation was the other way around
. To think about it being a newbie, knowing nothing much about sm,
and looking back, it is a comedy, really.   “The dignity
of truth is lost with much protest.” ~ quote   I knew it
all along but never allowed myself to speak up but simply through
prayers, hoping those who really knew the truth, and their just one
word could change the whole speaking the truth, instead
of living in illusion, only worried about the fame and reputation.
  So,   “First they ignore it, then they laugh at
it, then they say they knew it all along.” –Alexander Humbold.
  “The truth is not found in a different set of
circumstances. The truth is always and only found in the
circumstances you’ve got.–Werner Erhard …   7. Had no
idea – what photos? Often used for some reasons as a means to
intimidate.. and fb’s and many other ingredients to drama. As being
a newbie, I only saw the samples fb accounts of those people who
were in contacted with me that they had thousands of photos and
those people were those who hang around one of the leaders that I
respected. So much about photograph things you were trying to make
drama out of. A simple minded girl just wanted to learn the social
media by seeing other people’s friendly examples. Many of the
acquaintances surrounding the leader whom I respected have more
photos of themselves. Bty, I also copied and learned how they
conversed the conversations and tweeted with the leader whom I
respected, thinking that was the way people tweet. It was already
three years back, when I was going through a tough time..often
drinking.   Why those thing happened way back must be the
things as reasons to bully and often sarcastically quoted now. I am
not even there, and it’s been a long time since I came out of my
short temporary lost-sheep experience, straying from the hand of
our Father. Please do not mix the dots that were unrelated when you
know those were the things of the past way back just for the sake
of making up a story. I cant tolerated any more. And do I know you?
Do you care enough to confront in private rather than merely
gossiping, if you care and love. If i were you, I definitely would
have. Do you love and respect yourself? Do you admit that we all
make mistakes, including you. Is this some kind of competition or
power struggle? If I take the action, I know It would be an easy
case that I will simply win with all the legitimate data provided
to us by online experts who were to comply with the law when
ordered. I could have, perhaps I should have, and I should. The
drama you created refers to my life, which was/is none of your
business in the first place, does not support anything other than
you are helping yourself be revealed your character and simply
making people question why you had to go that far by trying so hard
to draw everyone, every leader to your side without appearing to do
so. That is the skill. This is my life and I know it better than
anyone else who tries to connect unrelated dots together to make a
sense out of it. Why are you so interested in affairs of others
whom you don’t even know or have never shared the food under the
same roof. What causes you to want to go to that extent. Drive in
your own traffic lane.   What really hurt me is someone
who knew the truth all along keeps the mouth closed when expected
and at the right time, and open at the wrong time just to agree to
the hinting game. I still care, but this is going beyond the limit.
I did forgive, and not letting this a big deal, always trying to
say good things about you..apologized so many times and tried to do
it well, but found that nothing was really pinpointed; it really
wasn’t it either but to extinguish. I was being very tolerant, not
speaking back except for some occasion, when it really wasn’t the
leadership but the hitting the head like an assault or extinguish.
If I forgive and let go, then I see myself and my side being
manipulated and hinted among specific people as if they agree to
false story, and things begin to go not in my favor but against me.
Seems like i have no choice but to go rightly – the law – as i know
exactly what happened and how it was progressed which I was trying
to close my eyes, knowing the truth and the progression of this
fallacy.   As I see everything has been done unfairly –
all one sided and been gossiped (I don’t see the way handled as the
appropriate means to solve the problem. It simply is a bunch of
illegal means and a pack of gossips. I am not upset as this has
been going on for such a long time. Do I respect you, yes I do. I
respect everyone equally, but I came to realize this is necessary
before God. I was ignorant newbie, especially when I was going
through a tough time almost wanted to die..kind of mental state at
that time. We all go through things, and I did. What I needed was
the hearts of unconditional love and comfort.   How I felt
as I went through the experience of being heavily hacked and
monitored was written as a part of this particular post – My
Precious Soap – below but was not intended to be written, but upon
the finding of even this personal blog site was being hacked as if
this were going endless forever, with no consideration of respect
and my privacy, I couldn’t help but write my feelings which seems
emotional and not being nice. However, I wouldn’t have written this
if no hacking activities were not purposely notified to my sense
that the hacker really was enjoying his business.   “Kevin
Mitnick once said, ‘The hacker mindset doesn’t actually see what
happens on the other side, to the victim.’ Born true a decade ago
and still does today.”   You care only about the
reputation, and if that means that you must shift your principles
and the value..? No sense of conscience prick the heart? Even if
that means to damage one Individual..that’s all.., right. But that
little tiny individual has the feeling, just like you, and the same
precious creation – equal – just like you. We all the same. How do
you value people, and if you value some less than the other, then
why you awesomely needed to pursue..this far, when one was only a
newbie and knew nothing about what she was doing. You know you
can’t get by if you know there really is god. I have lots of love,
but I just cant compromise when it comes to lies, lack of
integrity. I show let the other cheek to be slapped for a long
time.   Matthew 10:16 “I am sending you out like sheep
among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as
doves.” wonder this thing has been going
on for over 1 1/2 years without the clear statement of anything..
and just dragging and making it look real. why. You were afraid
knowing the truth and telling the truth that this was the game.
There has been even one day that I had a trouble sleeping, as I
know myself I am not perfect, and know exactly what I did – most of
which were all unintentional – by being hacked continually I began
to sense and being alert beginning to know why these little things
were so important to some… When in fact those who know the truth
could only speak up one word or two would have turned the situation
around.. Coz of fear, ego, and reputation. Te thing is.. I know who
I am. I am not perfect by any means just like everyone else, but I
have the heart to reverence God, knowing there is God who is to be
reverenced, I just can do that. I am not perfect and often make
mistakes, just as everyone else, but I just can’t lie and make our
Creator sad and having my pipeline disconnected. Ask me I tell you
everything with no hesitation.   One thing that put me in
awe is that someone like me who has no name in the world of social
media, but starting with it..perhaps was very ignorant and made
some mistakes, not even justifying it for my sake at all (as
mistakes are how we advance in what we deal with) being mixed with
my fearless outgoing personality, with no worry and everyone could
be my friends kind of thinking.., could not even have been someone
of any interest enough to to you and keep you adhered to, stalking,
chasing me..coz feared..? ..while I already let go and
forgave and hadn’t even told anyone of my experience, as time
should be well spent for something more things to
make the world a better place. Having coming back although I
haven’t logged into twitter account, this were still going
defended, justify..when I had already forgiven and let go 7 months
ago.. I don’t get it.   In response to what I finally took
my stand now today before God, whatever you think would help in
your story by referring back to any private data upon hacking is no
longer legitimate (I tell you this now), as it Is IRRElAVANT by
law, no matter what your story/drama is. The fact is you hacked.
Anyone who steal personal data, or anybody else who encouraged to
steal the data are equally punished, and not only that the
continual practice of hacking, not just once, but on a continual
basis and were even distributed to the vast number of team who are
not even called officially as for the jury is no way an exception
under any circumstances, other than a bunch of gossips and unfair
one-sided defense with no respect paid to the other party.
Especially when they are documented precisely by the legal
professionals and the security professionals as a result of
obligation to comply with the law.   It seems it’s better
to legalize, as should have been [simply picked up where it was
left off. No matter what the to legal professionals said and pushed
me in agitation, and no matter what my uncle (criminal-law attorney
in Tokyo)’ I stopped out of my concern and love], if one-sided team
to continue on without me. Serious. According to my uncle, in
Japan, even a little problem/or malicious game played caused by
email hacking incident is broadcasted on TV through out the
country. Be fair. And..unless someone come to me and explain, it’s
better to handle this legally. no more secret meeting with only
one-sided drama repeatedly distributed, no hinting, no playing game
please using all sorts of tweets, beating around the bush.. even
those whom I trusted before. No game please. Switching is fine, but
no game. My intention out of love was not understood but was merely
taken advantage of. I knew it all along the truth and how the story
progressed and yet, I left it all to God. I have no guilts to do
what I am doing today..finally..before God, as I know this is god
telling me to stand up. While we all make mistakes and that God is
a forgiving god who forgives you and me, he hurts when his dignity
is misused.   Come to me. Confront with me face to face
and speak. I will listen. And I will speak. Just as you listen to
them speak, isn’t fair for me to speak and heard. Be fair.
  Standby….. More to come (to be continued) in A to Z
details, before God, when my time allows… I chose to forgive 7
months ago, and continually forgave..not letting this get to me, as
I knew God was watching and will do whatever necessary ..until..He
actually waited for me to trust Him enough to stand up boldly, as
things have been arrogantly and boldly been handled and spread
among many people, as if you had the right to do it, as if you owns
the Internet, getting those people whom I respected and loved
involved in this to hopefully get them to your side. To think about
this, this has been very brutal, and ignoring one little human
being that was alive – the little dot in the world. Through this,
of course I came to learn the true character that was hidden in
some individuals. If I let go and forgive and choose love, the
matter is continually going in the same direction as if you were
totally right. I must tell you, the bullying leadership would never
been interpreted in any other way but to extinguish it, not to
teach. How many time I apologized and tried to improve. It really
was it it. I remember very precisely the nature of your tweets.
Assault.   All negative, mocking, hinting each other and
enjoying it, using other followers to join you, even people who
just RT’ed me for the first time.. They were already on your list
to star receiving the distribution mail – all negatives. Do you
know what it was were the only person who was not on it,
and saw people began bitching about me on different subject.. You
would tell yourself..’what is it now..’ knowing all negative
things. Do you live in the positive environments and respect and
love yourself..? If you do, it is not possible to do what you were
doing over 1 1/2 years. I wouldn’t be able to..anyone..if she or he
respect and lover themselves. When you are happy and content, you
look within yourself, not others and not pointing out what is
wrong. Instead we look for what looks good which in turn makes us
happy as well. I have never met or encountered this type of
experience.   As some tweeted I was a
dictatorship with a clearly shown the authority like a jail
(someone used that expression once, I remember..) – you either join
me and accept our bullying and mocking or kill and get rid of you,
when I didn’t even know you. And yet I always tried to continue
tweeting the positive tweets about you. beautiful flowers..until I
finally gave up. Even now, I don’t hate you. In fact, i am talking
as if we are facing each other. Why do you hate me so much. Ive
never met anyone in my entire life who has succeeded in hating me
as much as you do. I had never had enemies of this type, never
changing..always loved and liked wherever I went. It is almost like
your mission..when in fact you really don’t know me in person. How
could it be possible..   Lastly, I often see one of the
leaders tweeting ‘be present in soial media’ or ‘be social’ but how
could I have been social and mingled, when i knew whoever interact
with me would be added to the distribution list and eventually told
the one-sided story. Even those who sent me private messages on fb
or those blog posts that helped me learn about social media and
posted on my facebook wall, without really knowing them at all..
they are all on the list. This is incredibly brutal and unfair. I
accidentally click on the links of people whom I knew were on the
list and went to other twitter page, just scanning through quickly,
I could tell who were/are involved. myself..”wow, even these
people that I don’t even know..” Anyhow..I have very strong backup
documents from A to Z supporting everything. I have no choice. This
is not the matter of choice but what must be done, as things seem
to go continually. Even people who tried to help without me really
asking them before but I now sensed their support are now trying to
take the “getting it over with” kind of attitude, playing the game,
being on this side and on the other side at the same time.. it
doesn’t matter whether true or false.. It seems it’s just the game
that they are just enjoying, not really trying to understand what
it really felt like to go through the long-lasted bullies with no
attitude of hurtful and damaging the experience had
been. Realize to some, it was just the game. How could it possibly
be switched so easily..cause it was something that really did not
affect them personally with no emotion involved. Just the game that
they were watching and participating for fun. Just began to notice
by reading some of the people’s tweets. Time change people and
their thinking – always go for what works for you.   I
didn’t intend to write any of this thing through my blog, as I
really really intended this to be my personal diary/journal, and
the need to repetitiously reset my password finally stirred me
up..even my paid hosted blog site (duplicate to this site) was
tempted to be hacked,and I have a strong feeling that it has
already redirected to his fake server to be in control of what I do
inside. Many signs were found, and I don’t hesitate to point it
out, even it were negated, I know that I know so, as I had
experienced over a long time. I am getting used to it by now with
no emotions involved..but my question long are you gonna
continue on with this. I am entitled to right of privacy. Why are
you so afraid. Life is short. Please try to think a little bigger,
not as a small person. You are wasting a lot of your precious time.
Live a productive life with a positive mind set. Past is past, and
now is now, and tomorrow will be tomorrow.   I really
haven’t come back to you or my twitter account after all these
things happened, but merely have been looking at what happened from
the view of love which I no longer tolerate like before. Release me
from your follow list which I never even asked to do it in the
first place so that I can pick myself up where I left off. To be
darn honest, It’s very agitating, and I am sure if anyone of you
were in my shoes being hacked on a continual basis, you would feel
the same, not on a single event, I am not referring to. When I
didn’t know much about the Internet privacy, and being hacked, I
was literally creating hundreds of email addressees one after
another with all the passwords to log in, and forgetting them..
purchasing the new pcs, on and on.. You wouldn’t probably stay calm
but be nice. Time and money spent. How patient I have been and all
alone. As one of the quotes goes, a hacker’s minds are incapable of
seeing the other side – victims and how and what they are put
through.   From now on, I am not even asking you nicely
not to stalk or give instruction to chase me to find who interact
with me..and NO WAY with your intention to add to the list, like
you have been. What you have done so far is beyond what was
relevant. You even pulled those friends whom I meant well and cared
to your side by your strategy to support your case. Brutal. Do you
know what it was like to experience and see the progression of the
one changing from one side to the other. Who do you think you are.
How do you evaluate/value the worth of human beings, including you.
Do you have a good estimate of the self-worth of yourself. You
dislike yourself do you, and need the security, no matter what it
would cost or damage someone in order to make yourself justified
and focused. There is a quote that goes, you can shine and be your
best without stepping on others and putting out their lights and
charms. Appreciate yourself who you are within you and no need to
look around. Focus on you, you, and you, and appreciate what you
have and what you are, and that you would have no need to look
around and compare yourself anyone right next to you.  
Love and respect yourself. Try that then you wouldn’t be able to do
what you had done, not breaking the meant-well friendships. Believe are/have been going beyond what was already illegal and
what the regular hackers do. All illegal. period.   Don’t
be a small person but get out of your box and be real and be become
big, no matter how the world rates you. If you’re thinking of your
future business, go for it, but I must tell you, anything that was
done illegally or wrongfully, even with just the mind of
negativity, trying to make things worst against others won’t let
you succeed in the long run. You are actually limiting yourself.
“No weapon that is formed against them will prosper; And every
tongue that accuses them in judgment they will condemn, declares
The Lord ” – scripture If you don’t let me go, which I thought I
was free, until I began writing my blog, being hacked all over
again with an obvious sign to show me that he indeed was enjoying
doing, seriously I must do what I must do which I refrained myself
from doing it in love. – Go by the law now? finally..   As
I mentioned before my mouth is kept closed until confirmed and
continually confirmed from now one, on one condition that you dont
do what you’ve been doing – illegal unfair one-sided spreading of
gossips continually which wont let the issue go anywhere and
accomplishing anything or support anything to improve the
circumstances but merely spreading a pack of gossips, all based on
the hacked stolen private materials and assumptions, telling people
(who are not even the qualification of being the judge or even
juries) your one-sided story. Simply bunch of pure gossips.
  The precise way to say is that I really don’t want to
spend my time dealing with something that goes on, and on, and on,
endlessly with no solution but just negativities. So comically
negative, pilling people down. I rather be in the environment where
the water is flowing, not stagnant, but being surrounded with
people who are uplifting and encouraging for me to grow further,
instead of finding faults continually as well as those that were
long gone – many years back like a broken cracked record playing
the same part of the lyrics over and over, like a parrot,, dwelling
on the past..not living in the present. Talk positive. Say nice
things. Forget the past that you can do nothing about.  
Come to me and confront with me in person/in private. Serious about
this. Very much so. Have you ever thought about other than yourself
and your own reputation and hopes. Have you ever thought about me
and my future..and my future reputation as your own.. Because I
only had 2,000 followers and merely the beginner..- like a tiny dot
in the world of social media as a beginner doesn’t mean that you
can use the power you think you have. No you don’t. You don’t own
the Internet. Care about other souls like yours. They have
feelings, too, as you do. You wouldn’t know how to extend yourself
to others unless you truly respect, care, and love yourself.
  This is the first time Iam bringing the matter on the
table which you and I should have done a long ago to save time and
save life. Cheers! Before God, I say, good night. English is not my
language, and my iPad’s keyboard is out of order thus I am
literally typing with one finger right now, so my writing sounds
very rigid like square, but in reality and in person, I would like
to believe I am a warm person who think too much of others, thus I
get disappointed and sad when people don’t get it – what makes life
worth living – LOVE does. Nite.   (Tired. Ps I really
really don’t know what you could do to get me out of this horrible
experience that I had encountered..and your game of putting
yourself like innocent victims when it was absolutely the other way
around..simply because I were to be ignorant about all these. Until
said, ‘it’s the game’ looking back how I survived for such a long
time.   You went too far..And there is no one to stand up
and tell them to stop, other than hinting and tweeting..enjoying,
and nothing ever progressed and changed other than hinting and
burying what it is/was, as nothing really affect you, other than
what concerns you. If this were done to you, you would have taken
action a long ago, knowing the truth…when you knew it was all
done illegally..? It way passed the common sense and the stage
where you choose to be on whose side by preference, especially
those of you who knew the truth all along. Just being cowards and
self-centered, only concerned about your own reputation. What if
this were about you.. how do you feel? Would you just be quite and
say nothing like I didn’t say, while knowing it all. With love and
patience. Especially ones knowing the way you can deny
it..pretending like don’t know and continually engaging in hinting
game, never verbalized but simply feeling and hinting each other.
Are you all weak or something, with no guts..? Not used to get the
real thing done quickly and efficiently? Just simply wishing and
hoping and thinking of your success and reputation only, as it does
not affect you personally.. Where is your integrity? Come and talk
to me straightforward, and I will answer to any question with no
hinting, no game, but come as you are. Try me and test me, instead
of gossiping. That is not the way the genuine leaders would handle.
Gossiping in the unfair unrealistic courthouse doesn’t get you
anywhere but merely a bunch of gossips, and adding more heaviness
to this case, if you will.   And how selfish, especially
when you claim to the world you believe Universe and that it is
your solid rock tool to promote your business. There is no
explanation to this..other than you were simply enjoying being a
part of the unreal, fake, vague, unspecifically directed toward
common goals which you don’t know exactly what they could make out
of it..but at least knowing something that is not quite right…but
to help something to go easier and to get it over matter a
little lie here, there, and make-believes would mean to have
someone be doomed to be misrepresented.. as it won’t hurt us.
Leading/playing the minds that would help lead to your targeted
desired situations, not through the actually verbally voiced
opinion or thought exchanges via verbal communications but always
through the non-verbal hinted words (without appearing to do so) –
hinting..hinting by the use of words – definitely isn’t my way of
living and how my mind operates. Whatever being hinted could either
be interpreted this way or that way by one person, and the same
could be totally different and interpreted the other way by
another, and you know it all intentionally, not by accident. A busy
mind. That is the skill. I really don’t know how anyone can live
like that, with a sense of true fulfillment. Not for me for sure. I
speak what is in my mind, never playing using words and ambiguity,
unless I really mean it. Be real. It’s simply an illusion living
only in illusion and in lack of confidence, and living based on the
fame/reputation that you think people have on you. People don’t
really care but about themselves. Until you find that out, you
continue to live in illusion, and your life is always dependent on
what you think others think of you..who don’t even know you.
    “Insecurity is an ugly thing. It makes you
hate people you don’t even know.” ~ Unknown   “A genuine
leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.   “The evils of government are
directly proportional to the tolerance of the people.” ~ Frank Kent
  ..After this.. Another digging and searching happening
again to protest your side as always has been before you spread
..using the illegally hacked stolen materials. You are not talking
apple to apple and the relevant to relevant. Even you. Nite. Before
God, I finish this for tonight.. (Some of what I wrote above are
repetitious, simply because I wrote them at different times,
expressing the long buried feelings and getting my heart
out..finally. I don’t feel bad at all becore God, and don’t need to
apologize, as I finally came to realize that I shouldn’t just be
nice and being quiet about it but to work toward solutions.
Otherwise, I don’t grow and being nice doesn’t mean you allow the
world to stamp on you like the doormat. God certainly doesn’t want
us to do that, (we are all His children and equal), while you
continue to love, and in many times love, forgiveness, and what
must be done at the same time are different things. Forgiveness
does not mean you allow the world to make you the doormat, and not
speaking the truth.   “”I am sending you out like sheep
among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as
doves.” – Matthew 10:16        


        I’ve been away for Thanksgiving holidays.
Nice to be back and being renewed in my spirit. Would love to take
it easy this week and take some time off from my business and
relax. I am at the Starbuck and drinking coffee and writing my
diary.. talking to myself and God..
* – * – * – * – * I used to make my own homemade soaps for
my home use and for my family as well as very special friends –
especially those who has the knowledge of aromatherapy and the
value of essential oils, as using 8-10% of essential oils for soap
making is unrealistically impossible, if you were consumers,
knowing how expensive it is to use such a high percentage of
essential oils.
Those store-sold
soaps contains only 0.1-1% of eo, and I was told when they claim
their soaps contain more than 1% or even 0.5%, the labels are often
printed incorrectly. So, using more than 10% of EO is way beyond
what anyone in the industry would do for soaps or how anyone in the
industry would teach the aroma craze beginners. And if my handmade
soaps were to be sold in the store (which I knew I wouldn’t sell,
as all the essential oils and the very high-end quality exotic oils
having been used in them, I knew each soap would not make any
profit unless sold at $50/ea, and there would be no one who would
buy such expensive soaps, therefore, I never even attempted or
thought about selling them but just for my personal satisfaction or
making my special good friends happy.
When I gave just a few of my soaps to
girls whom I really didn’t know at all, they came back asking,
almost begging me to sell them $15 a piece, at least not asking for
$2-3 a I could tell somehow they could tell the soaps
they used were different, unique, and loving and kind to their
skin. So, did I sell them then? No, I didn’t. I didn’t sell my
beloved precious ones only at $15 a piece but did give them once
more. After that, having learned finally the value of the soaps as
much as they loved it, they never came back and asked for it. as I
really didn’t know any one of them personally. That was how I
treated my soaps. They were not the things but my own pride which I
spent my artistic energies, time, love, and my spirit.
They became more
like my living creatures like dogs or live art things. So whomever
I gave my living soaps to were always someone/or people whom I
loved and who I thought were very special in my life. It was almost
like a Potter/God who creates each pot ( we are pots to Him) in His
unique way with His specific purposes, and until they are ready the
Master Potter treats each one of them as if only one exists (
we would treat a diamond) while going through the whole process –
glazing and firing – He stares at each one of them day in day out
all day everyday with such enthusiasm, curiosity, hope, and such
great love.
By the
time soaps are ready for use (60 days of a cure period), the
creator (me)’s feeling is beginning to get attached to each one of
them like her own, almost like her living babies. So, whoever would
receive them as gifts are lucky ones and must know the value of
each one of them, when held in their hands, knowing the maker (me /
Maker/God) who is very special to them, as well.

The soap maker prayed when her
masterpiece went out of her hand that the soap would do its
mission, inspire and be like a guardian angel to protect the life
of a user and to nourish, being kind to their skin. And in turn
while enjoying the scents of the soap as they take take shower,
bath or doing the home spa, those recipients (friends and family)
will in turn bless others as the maker had blessed them through her
art pieces.
The same is true
with our Maker, Creator of the Universe, God, Lord, Abba Father who
created us humans who were born as sinners and imperfect.
Yep, if you don’t
know God as your Personal Savior, Lord, Person who is alive, who is
as close as our own breathes, watching and knowing everything we do
in such details, you probably don’t understand any of this thing
I’m writing. That’s too bad.. is what I almost would write, but
there is a season for every activity under what God
would want me to say, like some people who came to know God in
their later years, and there was a time or more than once I did
stray from God and wanted to taste what the world would be like
without Him. So, there is a season for every activity – joy,
happiness, sadness, renewal, new opportunities, and many others.
Life is good. There is absolutely nothing that can be outside of
His knowledge as He created this whole universe with everything in
it including us. Thus, these things I am writing is way off… sort
of weird in someone’s set mind whose general state of mind thinks
he or she is in control and knows everything about everything but
the reality is that we have only scratched a very tiny bit of one
drop of water in knowledge and wisdom in terms of God’s point of
view. So, this little thing I’m writing may not make sense at all
to some people (..but not to their spirit as we were all born with
a sense of reverence for the sovereignty of God in the form of
instinct) as they may have never encountered any life events that
changed them to be more sensitive to voice of God and being more
vulnerable enough to know the true needs of others (..others whose
needs may even be unknown to their senses at times) or it could be
that upbringing is such that some never had a chance to be truly
loved and to love unselfishly thus anything some do or actions are
based on what their physical eyes see and want without any
consideration at all of .. ‘what if’ ..there is another way of
looking at life and things we come across in our life..and what if’
there is God who is closer than our own breaths, knowing all about
us – our past – our present – and our future of what and where we
will end up with and in.
One who created
us – each one of us to be different and unique – designed to do
what is good, and not what is bad – for our Creator who created us.
We all had lived our life in the way we wanted and may have done
what may not have pleased our Creator one time or the other in our
life, as we really didn’t know where and Whom we came from, not
knowing His ultimate purposes here on earth. What does He want? How
much does He loves us…
His Masterpieces on the Potter’s shelf
are meant to be ready at His designed time (divine time) to go out
there and live life in a deep relationship with Him and touch the
world in the way the Master intended. We will all die someday.
There is no one who could avoid it as we all know there was not
even one who was an exception being alive in the history. As each
masterpiece of my soap will be used up to nothing eventually,
having done all that was purposed to have fulfilled its purposes,
we will all be consumed someday and leave our body someday. Could
we let our Creator fulfill His purposes in us before we leave this
earthly body and arrive at our ultimate place – the
I still
have some soaps on stock which still make my eyes and nose (still
smell good) happy but I haven’t had time to do this sort of thing
these days, as my business takes lots of my time and mental
energies. God is in every part of my life – my business and
everyday life as I communicate with this awesome God…
I have been less
active in the cyber world these days, and have no desire or
intention to become active, especially in how I choose to spend my
time. Our time is precious and should only be spent for good use
(successful business, spiritual things, and good friends), dealing
with things and people who add the good value to our life. Again
and again I have realized whom I belong to in this life and in the
next life, and that the time we spend should be well spent for good
use to glorify His name, as our time here is coming to an end very
soon, as all other prediction/prophesies have been already
fulfilled according to all that is written in the Bible.
I’ve been asking
God to help those who do things like hacking (cracking – new
terminology in my dictionary) online and help them come to realize
what is missing in their life – a great sense of integrity,
honesty, self-respect, self-love, self-esttem. People naturally own
a sense of high integrity would no way be able to do that. It’s not
the matter of whether you believe in God or disblieve in God. It’s
not something that could happen overnight or on impulse for the
first time. It’s the manifestation of what the mind naturally
works. It could be God who is knocking on the door of my soul or
heart, as my heart goes out to those people with a sense of
compassion. God wants us ALL to go to Heaven when we die which we
won’t be able to avoid. It will eventually happen. Our home is
actually Heaven, and our time here is a journey heading to Heaven.
I begin to pray
that their sense of unworthiness will be healed by the mighty power
of God and that they will begin to respect and love themselves so
that in turn they will begin to do things in the correct way and
love others with a genuine love with respect so that they could go
out there and reach out and touch the world.
And that they
will begin to focus on their own life, not looking outside, and
find that there are good things in their life too that they can be
thankful for and being satisfied with, knowing their life is unique
in their own way and that there is no need to look on the affairs
of others whom they’ve never met or don’t even know, as it’s the
manifestation of their life being unfulfilled. Often times when
they do what they do and how they do, they . don’t even realize to
the core of their beings, if realistically and wisely analyzed in
depth and in truth, they haven’t come to grasp this simple fact
that they don’t respect and love themselves. When you respect and
love yourself, the simple fact is that you are just not able to do
anything that would prick your conscience and instead you tend to
want to reach out and touch others and help fulfill others
needs..because you love yourself and can’t help doing it.
With a sense of
compassion my heart goes out to those who may need the healing
power of God and that they don’ t have to stay in the past..
perhaps due to their upbringing or perhaps they were not fortunate
enough to have genuine friends in the past who would never be able
to give them the right advices or not being honest with them,
telling them what must be corrected with the truth, or perhaps
coming from a broken family, whatever it may have been, but God can
help any of that and can change the situations and people – Always
– if they’re ready and willing, as they come to accept His mercies
and love.
Like I did. I am
not perfect by any means and have done things I knew God would not
be pleased, just as everyone else, but I could never deny and
forget the Maker’s existence and presence around me, thus I could
not stay away from His care as I knew He loved me and cared for me
SO much throughout the years that I experienced Him.

Once you have established a
relationship with God, there is no other place where your soul is
completely satisfied. THAT, I feel I am fortunate to be able to
hear His Voice. That’s a Gift from Him. And I am blessed in that.
The same is true with those people whom my heart goes out to with a
compassion. God is willing. Once there is a good connection with
God, nothing is impossible and that their life too will be
fulfilled and blessed in the mighty way and that they would look
back and wonder how they could possibly made their life the way it
was before but will see the new reality with God and being very ..
very happy in Him
can’t help but seek God to help them as they are blinded and not
knowing what’s going on in the invisible realm of the Universe.
It’s not them but the Evil force of the darkness that is
manipulating. As Bible repeatedly says, as well as all the
well-known dynamic preachers, The Bible is based on the fact of the
2nd Coming of Yeshua.. That is what The Bible is based and is all
about, and if anyone says she or he believes The Bible but doesn’t
believe this part, then she or he doesn’t believe in The Bible
altogether and God. Period. God’s desire is for everyone to be
saved before His 2nd return, including those who are ignorantly,
unknowingly (as the invisible realm is not understood and that God
knows and sees all), and finally maliciously performing what have
not been pleasing to God’s sight ..but God forgives, if they only
make a decision to accept Him and seek forgiveness.
As I was letting the legal professionals
proceed with their promising direction (lawsuit), I came to the
point where I was unsure if taking that direction is something I
should go for, as doing it is an easy way .. but what about the
souls that are being lost. It could be that I was to pray for those
in trouble.
I also
came to be aware those professionals who were just and righteous
and ..helpful as far as the Law is concerned but none of them were
believers and that they look at issues or things in life Not in the
way I do (God is important in my life) who only wanted to take the
legal action as they are so familiar wit it and to blame and
condemn the bad by getting their work done in such quick quick way
seem(ed) all they think about.
The closer I get to God, the more I am
aware I am being sensitive to the needs of others including those
who really didn’t make my life pleasurable but hurt me a great
deal.. those dishonest real estate agents, people in the remodeling
contracting industry who were incredibly criminally dishonest.. and
people whom I ran into in the recent year.. and yet, if you look at
them like babies, with them not knowing where they came from (god)
and who their parents are (babies don’t know their parents), it’s
really their ignorance or self-hatred as well as low self-esteem as
a result of their past life. It was their misfortune and that they
were never being exposed to good people, good things in life.. or
perhaps they were poor and needed the money thus needed to find the
way to make money.. well then, we should look at the core issue of
why they do what they do and how they do things.
I am not in the
position to help them out in a particular way, as I really don’t
know any one of them personally or will never see them in person in
real life, however, I begin to think I should begin and continually
pray for their life and for their soul. Relying on the law or on
legal people who know and do what they do by occupation is an easy
way but am I happy doing that dealing with negatives ? (as well as
having dealt with those kind of people whose moral values and words
were so negative so natural to them – day in day out all day’s like it’s their natural way of life.

Coming from the background where
all I grew up hearing was always positive words, warm love, trust,
respect, friendliness, smiles and laughter everywhere, fighting
back was not my way and was something always unnecessary and
foreign to me..until I came to live in Calif where I had to deal
with so many incredibly awesomely dishonest people in the
remodeling contract business industry as well as in the real estate
business. Being an asian I was forced to learn to become more bold,
standing up for what I believed was right for the sake of making
the world a better place, not for my own sake, dealing with
criminal-like liers whose minds were always scheming to make
unlawful money with no hesitation. I remember I continually shook
my head and didn’t know what I was getting into. Being nice and
kind were wrongly taken advantage of. I learned great lessons
then.That shy girl who always used to say ‘yes’ ‘yes’ to everything
was finally forced to stand up and spoke up. Then, there came
another incredible movie-like ‘whoa’ story that I came across
lately in the cyber world. To this day, I still don’t know what I
got into and why, and what I had done as an enthusiastic newbie in
the world of social media who was ignorant, yes, to start with..
and anyone would have readily been making mistakes, when you were
new in every field. Everyone makes a mistake one time or the other
in life, but the strange thing was that anything attempted to
change for the better was not taken with positive remarks or being
understood but Only negative word after word, things never changed.
There was no end to it.
So why were they
doing it.. was everyone’s question.Through the church people and
their almost strong command to me according to the Bible, who
serisously take God’s Word as the guidance and God as the Lord of
their life, I no longer wanted to be any part of the negative
contaminated environment with no God in it but with non-leadership
type of persons whose natural way of life was so comically negative
and not encouraging at all and that where they came from and what
they had done in the past would have had something to do with how
they handled things which was something outside the scope of the
kind of background I came from. I didn’t understand at all. If
things were explained verbally and clearly, and if things had begun
moving for the better and to the specific goal, then things could
progress tangibly, but everything was so vague and so mysterious.
IN any case, I came to my conclusion that I no longer wanted to
take any part of that little unreal segment of the cyber world,
having misspent my energies, efforts, the whole year of cultivating
my own network for future business, trying to be friendly and to
get to know as many people as possible.
Instead, like many other believers, I
want my precious time spent for good use helping others in need by
getting involved in volunteer activities, spending time with the
like-minded people including my successful friends. Dealing with
people with no integrity and dealing with the law professionals
including the law enforcement, I realized, was the same – negative.
Relying on the legal professionals who do not live their life for
God, although I do believe they will win the case with no problem
as their confidence and performance have been demonstrated greatly,
if I let myself continue on the case, I begin to see the whole
picture which I believe was from God that I don’t want to deal with
any type of negative people as well as negative things (dealing
with the law professionals, I would still have to put myself in
such a mental mode or in the position to work against or to blame
the targets just like the legal professionals working against them
as well on my behalf – it’s negative, by recalling, speaking lots
and gathering the negative documents – which is really against my
natural nature that was imprinted in me since I was a child up to
now, as I was raised that way.
We feel naturally
happy and in peace when we find good things in others, not against
others. I don’t know how on earth those individuals in the cyber
world could maintain such negativity dwelling on the past for such
a very long time. I really don’t understand to this day. How that
could be made possible, while we were same human beings.
My priority in
life is God and to learn more and more of Him and His love. I
simply wanted to get everything, anyone and everyone who was not
right and so negative out of my life and wanted to spend my
precious time and months and years to come with positive people who
are genuinely successful in their life. I have learned that in many
aspects as I read in many blogs, too, the cyber world is not really
real and not transparent, although I did meet the very nice people
who were worthy to keep in contact for the years to come. Some of
them were very blessings to me. I am grateful to this day when I
think about them and what they had done for me.

I sidetracked my writing a bit
from the attitude of praying for those whose moral value seemed so
different from ours/mine and do not add any value to our/my life..
and yet, when I refresh my mind and think of them differently
..that they never had a chance to be exposed to the right
environment with the right people who were honest enough or friend
enough to tell them what may have been right or wrong when they
were right or wrong, a sense of compassion within me begin to take
place. The environment where we are and where we came from has a
lot to do with how we manage things with a sense of integrity,
honesty, and respect oneself.
However, God can
change all things. There is nothing impossible with God. Apostle
Paul was a murderer killing many Christian people first, and yet as
Jesus appeared to him and turned his life all around – upside down
and is now known to the world as the greatest man in the history
after Jesus. We shouldn’t give up on things including on people,
too. I remind myself of that.
I’ve left everything to God’s Hand, as I
know He is aware of my prayers. It’s so nice knowing to the core of
my being, it’s for a 100% certain, God is in me, knowing all about
what i went through and what I had felt and what I still feel, as
well as many of my Christian brothers and sisters. I am in great
peace and happiness now, and my close friends tell me my comedian
nature has come back with many laughter and giggles. I told ya God,
I am comedian by nature with giggles all year around. “He” is ..
yes, You, yes You, Abba!, “You” are a Great God. Wonderful God.
Thank you for working through me, in me, with me, around me and
people of faith in my life as I reach and touch others. I am truly
blessed in the name of Yeshua. Thanks for listening to all this I
am mumbling and praying at the same time. :) Holy kisses and hugs.
I didn’t intend to write such a lengthy diary today but I let my
fingers continue on moving on my keyboard. I rest now, Abba. You
know! Love you. It’s funny. I began writing this as if I were
talking to someone – perhaps some visitors like I had before, but
then I ended up with my prayer and mumbling to You, Abba. Well..
after all, this blog is for myself, so it’s okay. It’s a free style
writing. :D Hug hug, Dad.
. .

Author: Arty Genius

This blog is my personal journal, thus was initially intended for myself. Whoever happens to come across my post is certainly welcomed to read it, though I'm unsure if it would inspire you. It does for me, as it's for me. I sometimes read back what I wrote and help motivate myself in my spiritual walk. I enjoy my everyday life. Blessed with many good quality friends and my great musical and artistic talents. I am naturally a happy smiley person, especially when I am surrounded by likeminded people whose value system is similar to mine. I also enjoy meeting new people who help me move out of my comfort zone to continually grow. I prefer people who are naturally honest and transparent with a sense of good integrity. I've been enjoying my life more and more especially for the past half year. Hope this season is bringing you lots of special and blessed moments filled with joy and many laughter. Thanks for visiting my new wordpress blog page today. Have a wonderful day! May God bless you. 😊🌅 - About 'Me'

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