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I Didn’t Think of It As Something That Is Worth of Our Attention Before – The Nature of Drama – But I Realize..

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  … This must be something very important to
me..seriously, as I am beginning to realize, as someone who
normally have no problem of letting things go…until now. Seeking
the mutual understanding and the face-to-face talk OR Go by the
law, picking up where it was left off before in love.. You may
simply be a participant to watch but enjoying as a watcher, as
nothing affects you. But if you simply put yourself in another
person’s shoes, and having gone through this, I don’t believe you
would be quiet either.. Before God, I never spoke up like this
until now. And I am not making a fool of myself which I am aware.
This is something that needs to be addressed and spoken up to
change the world and their thinking. The world doe not awe you or
anyone. We stand up for each other in love! No title no authority
is better than ones with less title or authority. “The greater you
are you are not even aware of your greatness..,” as the smaller you
are some don’t think they are small. I never think of myself great
because I am not a small person. I don’t even think about what the
world thinks, and don’t even care. All I care is to try to do the
right think before God, which does not mean that I am perfect. I am
not, just like everyone else. But I have great love, and when
people don’t understand that, that saddens my heart. How many times
did I say in my tweetes about the ‘beutiful blooming flowers in
Washington DC. I really don’t get it.   Give me a
privilege of a privacy in my life as well as online. Free me from
your hacking with respect.   No more gossips based on what
you hacked from – all ILLEGAL! Hacking at first attempt which was
already a long ago is one thing, and continually engaging in
hacking and talking about me is out of the line – ILLEGAL on top of
the initial Illegality. It really amazes me. Are we really
communicating properly here – the irrelevant can never be made
relevant with the irrelevant minds. And people follow that for the
sake of wishing to be somebody in the future..   *******
  I don’t apologize for telling you the truth that is not
being exposed but only to help back up the story of their/his own
with the single aim to help make the story to appear like it is all
true. Too many assumptions and some even use those ambiguity and
self-imposed guesses as means to help themselves knowingly and
purposely. When referring to someone else life, because it’s that
person’s life, the person knows more than anyone else about the
circumstantial incidents and unintentional happenings, especially
things began to progress, it’s that person’s life, and
not anyone else life, how could anyone possibly make many
assumptions merely based on the data.. or even data that may not
even have been accurately and fairly excerpted. You’re talking
about the illegal hacking. ALL Illegal. And the other one
excerpting only the portion of messages, which are out of the
context, not including the fact that the messages being in response
to what was said prior to that, what circumstances, and in response
to what type funny blog content which made people want to comment
something about it in a funny comical way – the comment-inducing
blogs (very long time ago) And the chronological order is
misplaced, when things were the things a long time ago. This whole
thing is a setup for the purpose of securing the reputation and
with egos to make people belive. God knows my heart and the truth.
I am not perfect by any means. I simply believe and trust God like
a little child, but I just can’t give in to setup lies and
manipulations. That has to do with integrity issues with others, as
well as the one within me that I simply cannot compromise, when I
know the simply truth – how it was being manipulated and twisted
and misplayed in sequence. In am in great awe, how a person or
anyone can manipulate that much. “I won’t give up on us..,’ ‘I
won’t let you go” ‘I waited too long..,’ when in fact it was
already made to let go a long time ago with ease and no
problem..but simply to lead and play the mind for one single
purpose of securing the safety of the reputation. And in fact I was
the one being stalked and chased all this time for simple reason –
the reputation – continued to mislead and play my mind. Is the
fame/reputation supposed to be the entitlement to supersede over
every story and the truth, and because of that people are simply
made to believe, instead of having their own thinking or minds.
Have they ever considered the energy and time some others would end
up spending thinking about what was falsely made to believe, as
their minds were misled and played and manipulated. And no guilts?
I feel sorry for those innocents who were being manipulated. I am
glad that I woke up a very long ago, although it was quite
different first on my part and didn’t see that first but as I had
seen many of the similar incidents repeatedly which made me wise –
Amazing how some people think the world awes them, as if he/they
are doing their favor when in fact the favor was not even seeked. I
never liked/like the hinting game which could be interpreted this
way by this person and interpreted totally opposite or differently
by the other at the same time – just one hinted statement –
knowingly and purposely. I don’t know how people could live like
that. I can’t. I am the same person inside and out, what is in my
mind/head, I speak. I thought it was this only one person who does
that, but I ended up knowing there are so many of them, and they
all happened to be in the same game. I learned that from observing
the tweets they tweet. Hinting, and quoting from the titles of the
blogs. It’s an artistic work and skills that you have to naturally
have it. Oils and water can never be mixed. Just like that.
..Knowingly. What in the world am I getting into.. was and still is
my question to myself, shaking my head. Please live real. Is this
what the cyber world or social media turn people into..? Awesome. I
don’t know how else to describe. Misleading and playing and
manipulating the minds..knowingly..but without appearing to do so
to others. In awe. Something is wrong here and must change.
Goodness should never be taken as assumed or taken advantage of.
It’s a moral issue. And this is my first time that I am bringing up
this kind of matter in the similar way which things have been dealt
with – One-sided and with manipulation. Before God, I do not insist
that I am perfect. I am not, but He does know I am honest and in
truth, thus should be approached in similar manners, if things must
be worked out truthfully. Not just letting go as one side being
right or wrong but approach the matter in common ground and meet at
the contact point where things are discussed in the same page, and
that no justification on the both sides is necessary, when
approached in love. So, you don’t know there are more people
involved in this. Not just one or two. Many. They all want to hide
their own things just for the sake of protecting their own side.
One little incident that was mistakenly interpreted because of a
little ego this person and that person ..was gradually made to
develop into a little bigger things. All about egos,
self-centeredness, self-justification, relying on the image of the
reputation the world put on them.. I’ve learned something here, as
someone who tend to be like a little child who believes everything
at face value. This is where the real integrity take place. The
Truth. This is a setup. I am merely explaining my side, knowing
things have been passed down on the other side, always behind me –
I am the only one that is not included to be a participant. More
things to come… based on the records.. and the truth. How things
were progressed out of merely one thing that took place..
incorrectly. And gradually one thing got developed further into
more and more things as a result of covering up and getting by
things.. and self-justification along with arrogance with the
concept ..somehow the world awe them/somebody.. Need more time to
write, as my work is taking me lots of my time. Amazing some
people/person really really believe the world awes them/him..
forgetting all the details of the past done behind the scene of
life, as the mind tends to look for ways out and for things that
only benefit them/him.. and forgetting all the facts and words in
details and the intentions purpsely misleading and playing the
minds of others… and in that.. coz of their/his puffed up
arrogance, as if the world awes them/him.. forgetting the details
of things.   I chose love and understanding.. however,
standing in love is misused, then it is not doing anything and
accomplishing the goodness for the sake of goodness in love. It’s
about the mistreating and ignoring and dishonoring the
right/value/soul of others. Good morning. I hope today brings you
lots of special moments and joy and happiness. PS I am only
beginning to do things in the exact manner things have been handled
behind me… I am just being fair..finally, not necessarily to win
or to lose. It’s an issue with integrity. It’s not who admits the
fault, or me or they. No. I happen to be a person who always ask
for apologies when done wrong on my part before the crowd of
millions, when I see myself wrong. I have no problem with that,
especially my intention is not to win or to lose, although the top
legal professionals has been insisting on me taking the action
which I have never continued on in pursuing, when in fact I knew
that I knew I could win, if I took that direction. I didn’t
continue in choosing love. Just look within you how this whole
thing started. Self-love, self-justification, Arrogance, Accustomed
to handle things in dishonesty and perhaps hatred. And nasty and
mocking tweets day after day in bullying didn’t wisely accomplish
your goal and purposes as leaders, if done wisely and in love. Have
you forgotten? And this 7 months of me being away from twitter have
led you to believe that you have your fully-made-believe
righteousness come in play in your mind that you are right..and
forgetting about how you manipulated, compromised, mistreated the
matter, not in the loving ways and lawful ways? My brain got
finally used to not letting the tweets like ‘GET OUT!’get to me.
Inappropriate mannerism, looking down and dragging down.
Unprofessional. Nothing is impossible, indeed, when you begin put
your mind being accustomed to hearing, not letting it sink deep
into your head, as it was day in day out all day things. And I
survived, as I didn’t let it get to me, with my chin up with a
positive attitude and faith in God.   I am being amazed to
take a quick look at some of the past tweets, hinting, and quoting
from the titles of the blogs. Some of them were incredibly nasty
and not the things that could have come from leaders..without the
consideration of ‘what if..’ Have you forgotten all those days that
lasted quite a very long time, also always chasing and collecting
people – whoever retweeted my tweets, whoever I posted their blogs
on my facebook wall that I found helpful for me to learn about
social media without really interacting with them directly or
knowing them at all. You all added them on your distribution list,
didn’t you. I never spoke up and stood up but just in love. 7
months ago.. Now I finally stand up and speak up for a short while
yet. It is okay for such nasty bullying with such nasty/mocking by
multitudes continued on for such a long long time for 1 1/2, day in
day out for a very long time?.. and you are saying “Surround
yourself with people who genuinely care..” for them?? It is okay
with them to go that long bullying and hurt because they think the
world awe them, and it is not okay for anyone else who doesn’t take
advantage and doesn’t think the world awe them..and say what I say
now for such a short time yet. Do you remember certain bullyings
that were low quality in nature..and they were leaders..for such a
very long time. Remind you..this is my very first time I am saying.
Could you please help keep my privacy. That is the real issue. I
chose love, not standing up for my right..again in love. However, I
do not yield or compromise when I know the real issue being handled
incorrectly and not in truth and trust and love. I DO NOT
much time right now as my work requires my attention, so just keep
in mind… more to come later.. I finally must do what is right. “A
man who is not afraid is not aggressive, a man who has no sense of
fear of any kind is really a free, a peaceful man. -J. Krishnamurti
I realize this must be something important for me, as I see myself
persistently not giving up, when I normally let go of things with
no problem. I’ve never boldly touched this whole thing before, like
I am doing it now. It’s just time now for me to stand up, unlike
before. If not worked out truthfully in honesty and come to me and
confront with me face to face with no necessarily telling others
about it with a merely gossips, I will have no choice but to pick
up where we left off. I need the privacy – the real privacy. It’s
more of an integrity issue and the truth and that it is not really
the matter that things get faded away, or one side gets quiet about
things. This is not the correct leadership or the way to handle, if
you truly care and love others and intend to lead people in the
correct way. People will stop following you, when they find out
about what you would do in private that you wouldn’t do in public.
It’s the matter of your attitude of respecting others as well, when
you speak in dishonesty and ‘I’ ‘I’ attitude, which indicate that
people don’t really matter to you. The degree of your honesty is
proportional to your respect for those who believe and follow you,
because if you value them, you wouldn’t be dishonest but in truth.
Good Morning.


Author: Arty Genius

This blog is my personal journal, thus was initially intended for myself. Whoever happens to come across my post is certainly welcomed to read it, though I'm unsure if it would inspire you. It does for me, as it's for me. I sometimes read back what I wrote and help motivate myself in my spiritual walk. I enjoy my everyday life. Blessed with many good quality friends and my great musical and artistic talents. I am naturally a happy smiley person, especially when I am surrounded by likeminded people whose value system is similar to mine. I also enjoy meeting new people who help me move out of my comfort zone to continually grow. I prefer people who are naturally honest and transparent with a sense of good integrity. I've been enjoying my life more and more especially for the past half year. Hope this season is bringing you lots of special and blessed moments filled with joy and many laughter. Thanks for visiting my new wordpress blog page today. Have a wonderful day! May God bless you. 😊🌅 - About 'Me'

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