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Being pretty new to wordpress, I need to ask you a question whoever happens to arrive at my site. There has been many strange things happening with this site..even more so, especially lately, but I didn’t bring it up, as my mind is to be occupied with my work. However, it continues to occur… I am not able to log in. Very mysteriously strange.


1) While I am still writing the new post, I see the Publish button being already pressed and the time that is to be published is already set before I actually publish.
Like a few days ago and today.. I remember publishing my posts at certain time, but the published time automatically change back to something with ‘3.’ I noticed that two days ago, when I published the blog at the wp’s free site (I have two sites) at 5:20 and changed to 5:23. Today, I published the new one here at 7:05 but changed to 7:?3 again. In fact I did notice before I pressed the Publish button, the the button was already pressed with the time already displayed. I don’t think this is anything of a big deal.. a trivial.. but to some what seems trivial that I don’t quite all.. seems so important.. I don’t really get it.


2) There are many more.. happening not coincidentally but simultaneously.. but because I went through this many times during the last one and a half years.. I don’t look at it as a big deal.. but if anyone run into this kind of similar things, please let me know. Any suggestion or help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I had several service sites that I have signed up for which would notify me when the content of the site changes, but has never notified me as no change has been made, thus I have never received any notification, except that when I logged into their sites to see what’s going on, the message indicated, the connections between my site and their services are blocked, according to the technical support. I didn’t bother with it, as no change has been made by me at all. But, suddenly their services started working letting me know that some changes have been made with some of the contents at this paid hosted site which I have no I have made no changes at all at those specific times which I was notified. Goosbumps. I haven’t taken a look at them yet. This never occurred before in my wordpress blogging history, although having gone through many similar incidents in the past, my intuition tells me this is one of those that I am getting accustomed to experiencing. Hacking. One similar incident that took place last year which was..some page disappeared. (My English is not good, today..)

3) I have not been able to log in. The number of time for Resetting the password: 9
over the past 2 days. This is the very first time since I signed up for this paid site. This and other things are happening at the same time which I have no doubts that this is not just a coincidental problem.


4) When I am not able to log in, even after resetting the password, I go to the other wp’s free site to log in and paste the content of the blog instead. Today, as I am going through this resetting the password, as have been in the past day or so, I was almost ready to update/save the content, the message appears saying ‘you can’t make any changes’ and shut the page itself down and got me out of my account. I was not able to log into both of my accounts at the same time for a while, while I had no problem logging into other accounts that I have over the Internet. Goosbumps…


4) Using other software viewing my admin page while working on my fresh new post content, I see the items on the left side such as ‘plugins’ ‘appearance’ ‘pages’ ‘Settings’ are being clicked one by one ..Goosbumps! (when it is clicked the selection gets red). Goosbumps..


5) I feel my site is being directed to another server and compromised, as it was attempted before when the warning message appeared (according to the expert), except it was not succeeded, as the IP address was misconfigured, since mine was dynamic IP address which keeps changing constantly.

Thanks. Prayers for you and all. May God bless, I pray. 神の祝福がありますように。アーメン。


Author: Arty Genius

This blog is my personal journal, thus was initially intended for myself. Whoever happens to come across my post is certainly welcomed to read it, though I'm unsure if it would inspire you. It does for me, as it's for me. I sometimes read back what I wrote and help motivate myself in my spiritual walk. I enjoy my everyday life. Blessed with many good quality friends and my great musical and artistic talents. I am naturally a happy smiley person, especially when I am surrounded by likeminded people whose value system is similar to mine. I also enjoy meeting new people who help me move out of my comfort zone to continually grow. I prefer people who are naturally honest and transparent with a sense of good integrity. I've been enjoying my life more and more especially for the past half year. Hope this season is bringing you lots of special and blessed moments filled with joy and many laughter. Thanks for visiting my new wordpress blog page today. Have a wonderful day! May God bless you. 😊🌅 - About 'Me'

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